Are you also a fan of wire crochet rose gold jewelry ?

September 30, 2015

So are you a fan of rose gold too ? I guess you are if you decided to read this post :)

For me, rose gold was an acquired taste , not love at first site , but a shade I learned to love.  Still, I guess I'm not a good example in any case as I wasn't a big yellow fold fan  either, I always considered myself a silver person.

I think it has to do with silver being a more moderate shade , that reflects better my design concept of "less is more". This may also explain why, with time, as I mentioned before , I came to love rose gold, I see it as a subtle version of the sometime flashy and somehow hot yellow gold.

From reading around about rose gold jewelry ,I learned that it became popular in Russia during the 19th century; which makes me think that maybe this is one of the reason of it becoming popular again nowadays. Have I lost you here?! 

My mind is on the vintage trend that has swept us all during the last years which has brought rose gold to being popular again.

I became aware of this trend thanks to my customers as over the years I was getting more and more requests for custom rose gold wire crochet jewelry. I learned that many people love it very much.

Therefore, at some point, I added it to my ongoing line of jewelry. 

One of the obstacles of offering ALL the jewelry in rose gold is that unfortunately, supply and findings are harder to get about. Maybe once it becomes even more popular it will become easier.

If you are not a jeweler or a chemist you were wondering what gives the rose gold its special shade. Well apparently it is a small amount of copper added to the gold alloy or as professionally called ligura. This also determines the different sub shades of rose gold , going from pink gold to red gold.

For my Wire Crochet rose gold necklaces , rose gold bracelets , rose gold rings , rose gold earrings and rose gold bangles , I use 1/20 14k rose gold filled , which is somewhere in the middle between the very light pink gold to the darker red gold.

Writing about rose gold made me want to take a few snapshots ....

Hope you will love them !


Yael aka Yoola

To see ALL my rose gold jewelry visit the following rose gold collection , where they are all featuring in one place. 

 Rose gold hoop earrings wire crochet rose gold wire crochet earrings

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