7 best bracelet clasps for your wire crochet jewelry

February 14, 2017

7 best bracelet clasps for your wire crochet jewelry

The YoolaCuff bracelet pattern is in my view one of the best beginners pieces I have, the ISK starter used is rather large, so it  is easier to get that hang of the ISK wire crochet technique .

layering Cuff Bracalet

In an idyllic world I would only design jewelry that require no findings, clasps are such a nightmare if you are not a metal smith, and even if you are thee is always the mystery in how to connect the knitted piece to the clasp without too much difficulty and preparations, because after all we are here to wire crochet ! that's where the fun is, at least for me. 

When it comes to bracelets it is no different, there are numerous solutions, generic off shelf clasps, simple solutions you can handmade and more complicated ones you can metal smith, all you have to do is pick the bracelet clasp that meets your taste and capabilities.

In this article, I will go over the 7 Best bracelet clasps I can suggest that require no special tools or knowledge, only either off shelf or wire based clasps.


No. 1 - 8 rows tube clasp - Slide lock clasp

A generic yet great looking clasp that I include in my YoolaCuff kit, it is available in several finishes, but you have to be careful when ordering online, since there is a wide variety of qualities. It took me a long time to source the clasps I currently use in my kits.

In addition to plated base metal, this design is also available in precious metals such as Sterling silver, gold filled or solid gold.

The advantage of the Slide lock clasp are : it doesn't open easily and therefor less likely to open up and get lost. Design wise, I like it not being rather delicate and not too chunky and , third , it is rather light 

But it is not perfect, its disadvantage is that some people find it hard to put on without someone else help.

over all its a good classic solution for a wire crocheted cuff Bracelet.  

 Rose gold cuff Bracelet Slide Lock Clasp


No. 2 - 6 rows Magnetic clasp

The 8 rows magnetic claps is very similar to the Slide lock claps, It is connected to the mesh the same way, but the big difference is it closes with a magnet and not a slide lock, which means its easier to wear it on your own. But it has the disadvantageous of a magnetic clasp, magnets stick to metals, so if you come into contact with some metals, such as convention hall chairs, you might find it inconvenient when the clasp sticks with the metal handle of the chair.  It is also not recommended for use by people who are using pacemakers.

but again, it is super easy to put on and off the bracelet ...

Magnetic Clasp


No. 3 - Magnetic claps

This claps is originally designed for leather bracelets , the knitted piece is glued to the hidden inner concave of the clasp, it gives the bracelet a nice clean finish, and for those of you that struggle connecting the mesh stitches to the loops, this is ideally.

Make sure to use a well ventilated room because the glue fumes can be toxic and double check that you connect the ends in the right direction so the bracelet doesn't accidentally Twists, it happened to me once, so im just saying  ....

magnetic bracelet clasp

magnetic clasp bracelet


No. 4 - Handmade Wire Clasp 

Handmade wire bracelet clasp

There is nothing I like better than making my own clasps .... 

With my love to wires this would always be my first material choice, in this case these are hammered hard sterling wires, folded and twists to create a locket. I made this one years back from when I didn't know where to source ready clasps and did classic crochet ...  Personally I'm very fond of it !

wire bracelet clasp


No. 5 - Ribbon Crimp ends

The crimp clasps are very common, they are easy to assemble, all you have to do is crimp them over the ends of your knitted piece  and connect a short chain and a clasp.

Personally they are not my favorite, but considering how affordable and simple to use they are, they made it into one of my 7 best bracelet clasps team, another one of its advantages is that you don't have to plan an accurate size for your bracelet, It can be adjusted when worn.

olive green bracelet  with crimp clasps


No. 6 - Single swirl clasp

The single swirl clasp is hand made very easily, but requires you to reduce the knitting diameter until you have an end loop to which you can connect the swirls on both ends of the bracelet.

Single Swirl Clasp


No. 7  - Double swirl clasp

Alternatively to The Single Swirl clasp (no.6), if you wish to keep the bracelet at its full width, you can attached swirls on both ends of the Bracelet.

 Swirl clasp bracalet

swirl clasp bracelet

This is my team of the 7 best bracelet clasp for your wire crochet jewelry !

which is yours  ?

Post your favorite below for a chance to win a limited edition ISK set in CLEAR PLUS a draw plate and a hook :)

Limited edition clear ISK setDraw Plate

How do I participate ?

Post your favorite option : No 1 to 7 below, Share the post on your social media to win extra points, 1 for each social media you share it on.

Posts are moderated so they dont show up immediately. 

I will pick a random winner On Feb 28th 2017, the winner will be announced on March 1st 2017.

Enjoy ....

Yael aka Yoola




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