7 unique bracelets clasp - NEW wire crochet designs

November 14, 2018

7 unique bracelets clasp - NEW wire crochet designs

Ever considered wire crocheting your clasps ?

I want to share with you a series of 7 new bracelets I designed lately and haven't published online anywhere yet...  these new designs continue my search after simple and clean geometric forms, made solely with wire.

One of the things I have been searching for are bracelet designs that require no clasps, I was looking for solutions that will enable me to wire crochet the clasps and not depend on solid outsourced clasps.

It's not that I don't like clasps, but I often feel they are estranged to the wire crochet piece itself and there is a bridge that needs to be crossed in order to close the gap between those two. the gap I refer to is not just technical, its not just how to connect the wire crochet to the clasps, but also conceptual, these two elements are so different from one another, I often wonder what should be the hierarchy between them ? is the solid part  i.e. the clasp the more dominant and thus the jewel in the crown ? or is it simply the mechanical part that serves the functionally of needing to close the bracelet on the wrist ? 

the 7 designs that you see here below are a journey through this puzzle !

the first try was a hinge I wire crocheted with a matching slot on the other end of the bracelet.

wire crochet bracelet clasps - YoolaDesign

#2 was based on the same idea more or less, a slot on one ends and on the other end a button looking element that pops out through the slot, adding some color on top of functionality.

wire crochet bracelet clasps - YoolaDesign

in bracelet #3 I tried to see if a simple interlocking side slots could do the job, but while I was in the work I decided to adopt the volume from bracelet #2 and give volume to the two adjoining parts. 

wire crochet bracelet clasps - YoolaDesign

in Bracelets #4 and # 5 I continued exploring the interlocking slots concept, experimenting how many turns do the slots need to take to hold the bracelet tightly together.

wire crochet bracelet clasps - YoolaDesign

wire crochet bracelet clasps - YoolaDesign

wire crochet bracelet clasps - YoolaDesign

in Bracelet #6 & #7 I was looking for lighter outlines, they are both slim bracelets with even more minimalist lines.  #6 has a slot on one end of the bracelet and a button that resembles wings to hold it in place, the result is a geometric outline with a wink.

wire crochet bracelet clasps - YoolaDesign

in #7 the geometric concept goes one step forward and you can notice a familiar shape, the origami open square as in the "Geometric bib necklace", any guess who was first ?  the necklace or the bracelet ? 

wire crochet bracelet clasps - YoolaDesign

wire crochet bracelet clasps - YoolaDesign

at this point I got tired and felt it's time to let go of this search, although I know this is a journey that can go on forever.. there is always much more to discover. The ISK wire crochet  technique holds endless possibilities waiting for us to discover.  Loved my wire crocheted clasps journey ? think any of the 7 stand out in the crowd ? would love to hear from you :)


Yael aka Yoola


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