Turquoise jewelry - my birthstone jewelry

October 26, 2015

turquoise necklaces  Turquoise necklaces
Being born in December, it's only too natural for me to be drawn to turquoise jewelry, the turquoise stone being December's birthstone.
Some of my creations have turquoise stones or beads in their designs, and I will come back to it later, as before that, I would love to share a few info on Turquoise stones I have learned along my jewelry making journey...
Turquoise has been used for making jewelry since thousands of years! Being naturally found in all continents and in early civilizations settlements, its proprieties and esthetics have made it a popular stone to be used.
The most popular color is in the tones of blue, but can also be found in green, purple and white (!) blimey  had no idea too .....
But more than merely being a beautiful stone, it also hides incredible magnetic qualities that make the turquoise stone being a healing stone.
Being associated to the throat karma, the turquoise stone is said to have communication enhancement abilities, such as honesty, truth , wisdom and confidence when talking in public.
I could keep on blabbing on this stone for days so I'll spare you and write off here, you are most welcome to discover how I have integrated the turquoise stone as turquoise pendant and as beads.
Check out my turquoise charm wire crochet necklace, and my hoop earrings for example :-)
Turquoise pendants

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