Sneak peek into this week adventures in the Studio - it's ALL about wire crochet :)

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We are having a fun week,

if you ask me, anything that breaks the routine is welcomed ...

well - as long as these are good things of course , knock on woods !!!

The other day I put to action the skills I totally forgot that I had , and built or I rather say improvised a homemade tripod , with this funny tripod bridge I can now film quick and fun videos to share with you guys!

Personally there is nothing I love better than seeing other people at work, watching skilled hands doing what they know simply inspires me.

I started with a short film where you can see me in the process of assembling stud earrings , the film is taken upside down , but I promise this won't happen again .... I have the right app now to flip it when it happens . 

I also learned how to trick the phone to show more appealing colors ;-) my hands would be less purple in the future ...

I also got into sprouting this week but I'm getting off topic - will keep this for another post ! ;-)

I hope you will love the from the workbench videos !

feel free to post your comments below :)

if you want to join our growing community of artist working in the ISK wire crochet technique , visit the LEARN section to see what method would suit you best .

I have online videos and PDF's that you can get instantly but also ALL in one kits !

check it out and come back with questions via the contact us ! 

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