A great retiree Hobby, learn to wire crochet wire

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Retirement can be a great opportunity to do all those things you never had the time , energy or patience to do . It's the perfect opportunity to get back to all those hobbies you had when you were a teen , and get new ones you came across but never had the time to dedicate in order to learn them.

The other day one of my sweetest facebook friends left a comment to one of my posts, I shared the photo you see here below of the studio all prepared for the ladies to come in for a wire crochet workshop.

wire crochet workshop

Nelida's comment gave me a whole different angle to what I do, in my perception I was sharing my wire crochet know how with a community of crafters, with no special attention to what age group they belong to. I did notice it appealed most to women over 35, but I thought it was simply that the more mature ladies had the time to write me, I never realized the great advantages it has for crafty retirees.

In addition to the satisfaction that crafting brings, I have written in the past about what a great exercise for the brain is learning a new craft that occupies the 2 hands. Health benefits are great by themselves but I don't believe one can dive into a new hobby such as wire crochet without enjoying it , just like we all want to eat healthy , but if it’s not tasty , it’s never going to last..

In this case I can assure you , that although there is a learning curve to wire crochet, once you get the hang of it , it’s like riding a bicycle , it’s yours forever. You will be able to make a lot of appreciated gifts for your daughters , daughters in law , friends and even your grand daughters.

I would even dare say they might ask you to teach them so they can show off themselves they can crochet with wire.

“Good luck, What you do is  blessed by many, who at this late age look for an angel to teach us, because they had no time before.. love.. Bless!”     Nelida , Hollywood, Florida

retiree hobby wire crochet

To learn more about my wire crochet DIY kits and patterns check the LEARN section to choose the right way YOU want to start. you can go for an all in one DIY kit, purchase downloadable patterns or join my yearly program.


Yael aka Yoola

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  • Yoola

    Hey Dahlia ,
    Thank you for your interest in learning wire crochet !
    The easiest thing to do is to start by ordering an all in one wire crochet kit according our budget , from this range : http://www.yooladesign.com/collections/crochet-with-wires-kits
    this is a popular one : http://www.yooladesign.com/collections/crochet-with-wires-kits/products/wire-crochet-kit-extended-beginners-diy-kit-video-tutorials-with-supply-and-tools
    or join our yearly on line class : http://www.yooladesign.com/pages/yoolaclub-a-wire-crochet-online-class
    with any questions feel free to contact me via the contact us button hereon the site :)
    Looking forward ,
    yael aka Yoola

  • Dahlia

    Please tell me how to get started with design patterns and instructions. What is the cost etc.

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