7 wire work techniques you MUST get to know !

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Introducing my wire crochet workshop participants with other wire work techniques, that are different than my Invisible Spool Knitting wire crochet, made me want to write about it here on my blog , so my readers that can't attend my workshops in person can learn about them too.

The list is long so probably not all the wire work techniques will be included , pls accept my apology :) 

1. Spool knitting or as some call it loom knitting, and other call french knitting. Spool knitting is executed using a wooden spool, as a child I made a lot of yarn snakes with this fun technique, personally I like it better with yarn or cotton than with wires , but wire knitting on a spool has its beauty :)

In the photo below you can see a lovely wire spool knitted necklace made by MissFrauke on etsy.

spool knitting with wire

As you may have noticed spool knitting works best when beads are integrated in the wire work , mainly because the knitting is very airy, some would say it has no body at all unless beads are integrated.

Here is a great article with a free spool knitting tutorial published a few years ago on Beading Daily. 

2. Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese technique that is implemented using a kumihimo foam board, there are a few boards with different shapes and size. Kumihimo can be executed in many levels of complexity, from amature for young kids up to achieved craftsmen and artists that use precious metals.  

Here is a lovely design I found at designandadorn beading studio .

 wire kumihimo

to get an idea about how kumihimo is done , you are welcome to read on Alisson Murray blog dreamalittlebetter  a free kumihimo tutorial.

3. Viking knitting , I find viking knitting movements to resemble the making of baskets , probably because it evolves larger gestures than the other wire techniques I mention here.  Viking knitting is done by stringing long wires onto a rod, the wires don't have to be that long , but if they are short you have to keep changing wires , which isn't that fun ;-)

here is a nice free viking knitting tutorial by fineartbyrocio.com .

and a nice example of knitted hoop earrings made in viking knitting by AbbyHook are in the image below. 


4. Mini macramé , I don't know anyone that doesn't know what makrame is .... well maybe just a few men ;-) . mini macrame and micro makrame are just the same as the makrame you know, only much smaller. Makrame as opposed to the previous wire  techniques I have mentioned is based on knotting , not knitting nor weaving , it come originally from sailors that used it to decorate bottles and knife handles .

You can integrate beads or pearls in your mini macrame wire work, it takes tons of patience and the outcome is lovely if you keep the distances in the pattern balanced.

here is a free demonstration of a mini macrame bracelet 

5. Wire crochet , Basically wires can be crocheted just as you would crochet with other materials , with yarn or cotton, just keep in mind that the wires you crochet with have to be dead soft or they will break.

Classic crochet when done with wires creates a very free form feel , this is achieved because wire 'have memory" ,once nicked or bent at a certain point, it will keep this bent , and since wire crochet evolve in wrapping the hook around the wires, the look will always reflect this memory.

a known book about wire crochet by the wire crochet goddess Arline Fisch  is available on Amazon


6. Wire knitting-

yep... wire can also be knitted using 2 needles just as done with yarn or cotton ... the example below is by Rose Marion on Wire-Sculpture.com , its a great site BTW with wonderful wires.

the challenge about wire knitting is the treatment of the ends .

knitting with wire

7. ISK Wire Crochet , and last but not least.... although if you read my blog you probably know by now about my ISK - Invisible Spool Knitting technique, obviously , my favorite....  after I choosing it over all the other techniques .

braided bracelet

Want to learn more about ISK wire crochet technique ? 

you are in the right place :) this is what this whole site is about !

Not sure how to start ? go here  :  The invisible spool knitting 


Enjoy ! and feel free to contact me ! 

Yael aka Yoola 




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  • Rosadell Gonzalez

    I’m very very interested in learning

  • Yoola

    Sure ! :) here is where you can get started learning wire crochet in the ISK technique : https://www.yooladesign.com/pages/where-do-i-start-learnning-wire-crochet-in-the-isk-techuique

  • Delores knight

    I am very interested in learning how to make knitted and crocheted jewelry. I was amazed at all 7 techniques You were introduced in your blog. Would like to take my skills to another level..any suggestions?

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