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As you well know, after having been selling jewelry pieces for many years and after quite a few debating, I decided a while ago to share my knowledge and put up a whole range of tutorials for my designs.

I really wanted my videos to be the most precise and to be able to offer the best crafting experience with loads of pictures and close ups. However, I was challenged by the fact that... I only have two hands!

This would probably answer your question in case you were  wondering how I got to create my own Iphone tripod...

I needed an iphone tripod and couldn't wait, so you know what... I just made one out of foam boards (I wasn't nicknamed Robinson Crusoe for nothing when I was a kid!) and as I became a tutorial fan, here it comes, the full FREE instructions on How to Make a Tripod for Iphone (which obviously work as a tripod for smartphones in general...):

It works so well for me, and the neighbours have started borrowing it too , so I guess it should work well for you too. 

Tools and supply needed to make an iphone tripod:

- Foam board ( 0.19" thick or 0.5cm) total size :9.5" by 23" or 24cm / 60cm ,
- Cutting board
- Glue gun
- Utility knife
- Pencil

- Marker (optional)

The dimensions I will give you are the one I used for filming while sitting at my work table, in order to get easy close ups. You may want to change the height according to your own needs. and plan your own customised iphone tripod.

With the pencil and ruler, draw the following elements on your board, as seen on the pictures below :

2 stripes of : 14" by 3.2" or 36cm by 8cm
1 stripe of: 23" by 3.2" or 60cm by 8cm
2 triangles: 3.2" by 3.2" or 8cm by 8cm

At the center of the long stripe, mark a window in the size of 3.2" by 1.7" (8cm by 4.5cm)

then, with the utility knife, cut the foam board along the draw plan that you made.

Now that you have all of the tripod for iphone parts needed, glue the 2 triangles at both ends of the long stripe.

The 2 shorter stripes will be then glued to those triangles, at both ends.

Make sure to put glue both on the triangle edge and the end of the long stripe.

And your done !!!

You can now smart off with your new skill and make a tripod for iphone as you wish!

All the photos (except the last) included in this tutorial have been taken using this iphone tripod (or bipod to be linguistically exact!). 

to see an example of another video I filmed , hop over to the HOW A CLEOPATRA WIRE CROCHET RING IS MADE ....  post I published  last week.

enjoy !

Yael aka Yoola


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