Fashion-food-Fotos tries the Yoola ring wire crochet DIY KIT -

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It's always great to discover new blogs and get into such interesting people's world. You never know what to expect and... bingo, look who I met!

Becky is a college graduate who currently work in the biotech industry while nurturing her love of all things fashion, food, travel, and design! She manages her Blog as a window escape from the 9-17 routine, and keeps her curiosity alive with constant search for the new, different and shares her discovery with her audience, in a charmingly witty tone!

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So our paths e-met and a DIY ring kit was on her way. For a first try at my ISK technique, she did a magnificent work and as she says "I can’t wait to humble brag about my creation" :-)

Read Becky's wire crochet review  right here  and feel free to surprise your friends with a unique crafty Christmas gift!

 crochet ring kit

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  • Becky Freeman

    I can’t believe I’m only seeing this now! Thank you for the kind words and the beautiful jewelry =)


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