Meet the wire crochet Artist - Contest Winner Efi Kasida

November 19, 2015

Meet the wire crochet Artist - Contest Winner Efi Kasida

A few weeks ago, we had the candle holder wire crochet contest. Fascinating designs were presented and took up the challenge. Voter from all around the world gave their input and voice.... our big winner was Efi Kasida, from Greece.

I first e-met Efi through wire crochet how course, seeing that she has taken up the technique beautifully, and making the most of a creativity and skills. As a regular poster on my Facebook ISK group, witnessing her winning this contest didn't come as a major surprise :-)

I really wanted to let her enjoy the most of the spotlight, as well as for you to also get to meet an incredible personality.

So here she is, enjoy getting to know her through this interview:

Tell us something about yourself, where you grew up, what you like, whatever you want us to know about you: …

I was born and raised up in a small town of Macedonia in northern Greece...and I’ve  lived here since I was born….
I love nature and most of all the ocean also I love fishing and diving….I like food, preparing  it and tasting it of course… Last but not least I enjoy very much the art of all handmade crafts….


2) How and when did you discover Yael - Yoola?
I found Yoola by a search engine on the internet…

3) What do you like most in jewelry making? 

The whole process…Imagining the jewel  I want to make…creating it and finally the result...

4) What's Yoola’s item you like best? 

I can’t choose…I cannot decide….Yoola's wire crochet designs are all so beautiful that it makes it hard for me to choose…

5) What do you think about the Starters Yoola especially developed for her method?
I think that Yoola's tutorial method and the starter looms that were designed for crafters are very informative and easy for starters who discover the ISK wire crochet technique….

6) What do you recommend for those who want to learn to make the jewelry in general and in particular Yoola?
I strongly recommend that they have to have patience  and love for jewelry arts…. Crochet art is  unique and magnificent … You  need  so little to start… just wire and a crochet knitting hook ….

You can carry your work  everywhere you go with you …… With good guidance you can make truly great pieces of art…

7) Which on of your finished item you are most proud of and why?
I’m proud of my latest creation, the candle holder…It was a challenge for me to make something different and I feel  vindicated ….

8) What's your next project ?

My next project will be making  chandeliers for my living and dining room….I also like mixing materials along with the wire for  more interesting results..

I have enclosed a few of Efi's other wire crochet projects so you can enjoy the versatility too.

she makes a good example as to "whet else can i do with wire crochet , it seems you have done everything....." well as your wys can see , there is a LOT more there to discover :)

learn wire crochet neckalce

 learn to crochet a bracelet yoola

how to crohcet earrings

learn to crochet with wire


To learn wire crochet check the various options on my Learn wire crochet page 

I offer a yearly learning program 

or you can just get wire crochet tutorials online 

in any case feel free to contact me ! :)

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