Crochet Jewelry Designers to Watch Out for

crochet jewelry crochet on etsy Crochet’s enduring popularity designers to watch for jewelry designers

When Etsy was born, it finally gave artisan jewelers a place to share their personalized craft with the world, and we’re absolutely loving it.

It wasn’t too long ago when millennials decided that it wasn’t just a hobby for grannies and dubbed the art of crochet as trendy, and as Herald Net describes, “Crochet’s enduring popularity is due partly to today’s high quality, luxurious yarns, many at affordable prices."

This has allowed the creative minds to branch out from traditional crochet apparel and into unconventional accessories, such as jewelry.

From the multitude of Etsy shop owners to high fashion designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, who has produced a white crochet necklace that’s sold through the international retailer Lyst, everyone seems to be going gaga for crochet accessories.

In honor of this craft, we’ll take a look at this era’s up and coming crochet jewelers. Maria Piedrahita Crochet has this breezy element to it, so it’s not much of a surprise that this particular artist decided to go down the tropical route when designing her pieces. Although yarn isn’t the only medium that this artist works with, Maria Piedrahita has quite a collection of crochet jewelry through her Agua de Coco brand with detailing that would the island lifestyle.


 photo by : Maria Piedrahita

Moddie Vintage A Swedish designer that’s a lover of all things vintage, Moddie uses crochet to create nostalgic pieces that look beautiful on girls and women of all ages. Whether it’s the oval crochet pendant necklace, the crochet pearl ring or crochet flower ring that’s more your style, Moddie jewelry are styled with a bit of heritage that you’ll surely take delight in.



 photo by : Moddie Vintage

 Adriana Laura Mendez Wire is the choice of material that this artisan likes to use. Having studied and then worked in botany all her life, Adriana Laura Mendez decided to take on a new challenge by fulfilling a lifelong dream of handcrafting jewelry, using wire instead of traditional yarns for her crochet collection. After much practice, she developed her own advanced technique that adds a unique elegant touch to her pieces, making them timeless and everlasting.

 photo by :Adriana Laura Mendez

I hope this inspires you and encourages you to crochet even more ....


Yael aka Yoola

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  • Sigalit Alcalai

    This is amazing, wire as a choice of material takes your style to a new level .
    Love it !

  • Dana

    Such beautiful and original crochet jewelry! Definitely an inspiration. Thank you :-)

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