NY Fashion Week Wire Crochet Jewelry

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NY Fashion week was the best excuse to go google hunting for innovative jewelry pieces ! my main search was for wire crocheted jewelry , or I could settle for crocheted jewelry that are fashion forward , but to my surprise there weren't so many results under this category... :(

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised , since wire jewelry and especially  wire crochet jewelry may be a bit too thin and subtle to make the bold statement required for a runway show.

so aside a few pieces that fall into this category I also included a few that don't , but did caught my eyes and I felt like sharing them with you !

 keren peled NY fashion week crochet jewelry fashion week crochet jewelry

Keren Peled crochet jewelry NY fashion week


 Charleston bracelets at Nina Ricci 

chloe bracaletchloe delphine fringe bracalet

Chloe Delphine fringe bracelet

Looking at this really small collection of fashion forward pieces of jewelry , helped me better understand what I love so much about wire jewelry. The first thing would be that I love delicate lines that although thin, manage to capture the air around them or inside them, without being bold or solid. I guess I also love the philosophy they represent of creating presence without shouting out ...

talking about shouting out ..... what would you make of this SUPER BOLD delicate wire statement ?!

fashion week wire jewelry 

Designed by Sydney-based Sarah & Sebastian

see you soon .....


Yael aka Yoola

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