A Flower Crochet Pattern based design by Pearl of the BEADINGGEM

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Pearl of BEADINGGEM  - popular jewelry making, inspirational and how-to website , has just published a whole blog post where she shows her own interpretation of my Yoola Flower crochet pattern & some priceless tips for wire crochet beginners .

Pearl explains in detail her interpretation of the Yoola Flower and how she created it , you are welcome to hop over to Beadinggem to read the full post.

Pearl's post made me want to go through the treasures I have in the form of students work , to find those that are based on the Yoola Flower pattern.

so here they are for you to see them too ....

Sheala Bee wire crochet flower pendant‎.jpg

Made by :  Shelby Raymond

Mandy Atkinson crochet flower

made by : Mandy Atkinson

magdalena pusha Vladimirescu wire crochet flower

Made by : Magdalena Pusha Vladimirescu

Made by : Pearl of the Beadinggem

Want to see more ?....... 

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but not before you hop over to read Pearl's post at Beadinggem ;-) because there is also a winning opportunity there that you don't want to miss out ....


Yael aka Yoola

BTW happy belated valentine's Day ......

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