Are you a collector ?

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Are you ?  the truth is I'm not  ...

But I'm always impressed when I meet people that are ! It makes me wonder why I don't collect anything ...  and how many people at all are collectors , maybe its only a fraction of the popularity...

I'm raising the topic because at the beginning of this month I have been featured on the "TCI Bulletin" , which is a quarterly newsletter for and about Thimble and Needlework Tool Collectors, it is issued by Thimble Collectors International .

You must be asking yourselves why exactly I have been featured on such a magazine if I don't collect anything... so here it goes, that part of my interview given to the Bulletin:

bulletin featuring Yael falk

"Thanks to the internationality of my clients, I get to e meet so many interesting people , about a year ago a very special lady called Suzan came across my work, she bought a pair of my wire crochet earrings and asked if I will be willing to custom design a wire crocheted thimble for her mom’s collection ….

I needless say I never got such a request before that , or after .... so it was an OOAK design project , although she knew exactly what she wanted me to make, design wise , I couldn't help studying a bit the subject .

I was amazed to learn that thimbles go way back to the Roman times and that the word thimbles in German means "finger hat" . In Hebrew the word thimble has a cute descriptive word, if I would need to describe it in English it would be something like "finger-ish" , it is pronounced etz-ba-on.

I couldn't find a trace of any wire crocheted thimble, but my research was limited to what mr. Google had to offer,, so this doesn't mean there aren't more , but maybe, just maybe mine are the first wire crocheted thimble....

I was surprised with the uncommon inquiry of Suzan , but loved the idea and was very happy to design and make the thimble . Unfortunately I can't find the photos taken of the original thimbles made for Charlotte , so I made a few more, just so you can have the chance to see what they are about.

All 3 thimbles are made of coated base metal , the one with the stone at top is opalite , the one with the beads are turquoise beads.

Charlotte and I stayed in touch and thanks to her , A window opened for me to the fascinating world of thimbles and I was able to share my story with this lovely community here today..... Thank you Charlotte ! And thank you the thimble community for having me over "

and here are the photos of my wire crochet thimbles for you to see what it all about too ..

Wire crochet collectable thimbles


rose gold thimble

thimble turquoise


Do you have an interesting collection?  would love to hear about them all :)

Feel free to comment below ..


Yael aka Yoola

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  • Maria

    Dear Yael,
    I was fascinated by the article. I am a member of TCI, but also weave baskets and am interested in wire and metal jewelry making. I have incorporated copper wire into kudzu baskets in a class by Matt Tommey. I hope to be able to learn, but I do not crochet. I am also left handed and have not found a resource to help me.
    Again, a fascinating article I am glad TCI included in their newsletter.
    Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, USA

  • Charlotte Goldberg

    Dear Yael…I loved seeing this and thank you for sending it to me….It was a pleasure meeting you and also that you made me a couple of beautiful thimbles for my ever growing collection…I have over 2,000 thimbles plus other assorted sewing tools….
    Thank you again for the article you sent for our Bulletin….it was excellent and well written and we appreciate all the work you put into it!!
    Shalom and best wishes to you and yours…

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