A productive week in the studio

August 12, 2020

A productive week in the studio

Not sure this is so correct, but hey the week is only half way through, I can still  manage to complete everything I wanted to... and if not this week , there is always another week...

Those of you following my blog know I'm currently working on two major projects, the first is the ISK stitch library, that due to latest developments grew a branch with the temporary title Color Patterns, I accidentally discovered more opportunities to create color patterns in the ISK technique, in other words I got diverted aside, ha ha ! check this sample below of the checkers in orange and black !

checker pattern
checker pattern

The second project are the zoom classes, after the successful lesson I had with Linda the other week, I decided to proceed with developing this channel, one of the topics I felt I had to improve was the equipment, I wanted to have 2 cameras live at all times, one on my hands so I can demonstrate really close up whatever was needed in parallel to the webcam focusing on my face, so the online class will feel like meeting me in person as much as possible.

In the trial lesson I did that with my phone as the "face camera" and my webcam that was situated on the table as my "hands camera", the result was that the face camera i.e. my phone was sitting too low on the table and the 'hands camera"  was not stable enough and I struggled to keep it in focus, ha ha ! 

so I did some research and ran into a guy that teaches cooking online called http://cookprimalgourmet.com/ and he had this arm situated above his working area, I adopted his recommendations and sourced that required equipment (if this interest you, here is a direct link to his guide : http://cookprimalgourmet.com/best-overhead-camera-setup/) , small note thought , I did need my hubby to solve out one of the connections that were beyond my technical skills.

bottom line, I'm all set equipment wise ! yeyy ! and BTW realized it holds nicely also my video cam which makes me want to film a new video, NOW ... ha ha.

wire crochet online classes
wire crochet online classes


I got so carried away writing about it and getting ready that I need to remind myself all this goodness had a purpose ... the wire crochet online classes ! so... my next trial would be with a small group to see I can handle more than one person at a time...

any advise you may have on running or participating in online classes is appreciated so keep sending them over and communicating with me and with one another here below




Landed here by chance and want to get hooked on wire crochet in the ISK technique ?

click here : https://www.yooladesign.com/pages/where-do-i-start-to-learn-wire-crochet-in-the-isk-technique




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