A new Hobby to learn this summer !

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It’s summer time and you probably have a little more free time ... and more daylight hours !

As a teen this has always been MY time to dive into a new hobby, I remember one summer when I got a DIY plush animals booklet and made a cute plush elephant ! ha ha !  how did this come back to my mind  ? :) ! 

Teaching myself to play the recorder was something I tried almost every summer ... and never got passed the second booklet :( each summer I had to start from scratch .... sigh ... maybe music wasn't my thing .

This sensation of freedom that you can start anything and everything during summer vacation , came back to me seeing my kids when they were teens trying their hands in all sort of summer experiments.

So what if the kids / teens are at home , why not keep learning this summer!? 

Maybe pick up a new hobby? 

Wire crochet is something you could even do it WITH your teen kids or grandkids !

I taught Hagar my daughter to wire  crochet when she was 10 or 11 , I'm not 100% sure which summer was it . she picked it up quickly and did some wonderful items , her own designs ..... ;)

summer time hobby

Personally I love most things I can do from the comforts of my own home!  preferably my sofa.... 

good kits to start with could be :



or any other kit you find attractive from the DIY kits collection.

contact me with any hesitations or inquiries :)


Yael aka Yoola

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