A NEW wire jewelry making pattern ! from the SHOGUN line

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The shogun element pattern is finally ready, I've been postponing filming it for ever,

and it's not because I'm lazy or busy, although I AM ! both ;) ... ha ha ...

It's because I was ans still am a bit worried of teaching it from a distance, comparing to my other patterns it is more complex, but it just didn't feel right to enable only those that get to my studio in person to learn it.

For this reason (the complexity) I will be only publishing the shogun bracelet as a PDF+VIDEO pattern, without the PDF only option at the moment, I'm just really not sure how easy it will be to follow with only words and photos, without my moving hands in front of you.

In case you were wondering, The PDF is a complete step by step with images and a diagram, as all my full patterns but will be easier to understand with the video, which is also longer than usual ....

So now that I have done apologizing, I can tell you that the more I look at this Shogun Design, I love it more and I feel like expanding the line, the ideas are already swamping my mind, I hope they will reach the tip of my fingers too. 

I love the shogun element clean aesthetic, its contemporary look and its modularity, I feel it projects power but in a subtle feminine way. 

and above all I feel it represents me both as a designer and a crafter ....

I hope you will enjoy it too !

the pattern download is available through HERE

the full Kit HERE 


wonder woman wire jewelry bracelet wire jewelry bracelet

Zebra wire bracelet

Volume Shogun bracelet made of 4 elements : 

shogun bracelet

contemporary wire jewelry

Contemporary shogun statement neckalce

contemporary wire necklace

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