Chain links accessory , DIY chains

May 19, 2022

How to make chains -Yooladesign

Each tool I come up with feels like a revolution, if it doesn't have this wow effect on me I just put it aside "for later", knowing this late will probably never come, I probably miss out on many good accessories this way, but you can't have it all or make it all.

But this new wire crochet accessory really excites me, I cant stop making LINKS, I made dozens of them in the last few days ! I guess this point alone says it all.

It's exciting because the jewelry you can make with them are simple yet have this unique touch that makes them stand out of the rest, links based designs are not new and I tried coming up with such designs more than once in the past, but the result was not that WOW as these. Other than its look they also don't take more than 5-10 minutes to make, depending on the size of course. Not that speed is a factor, I enjoy the process, wire crocheting calms my mind and brings me vividness at the same time, but I'm sure some of you will appreciate the quickness of making them.

Up till now I made a pair of dangle earrings using the small leaf frame, a bracelet using the large rectangles frame, a necklace using the large leaf frame and a pendant using the small leaves. I made them all in gold so I don't get destructed by color and stick to the topic of making links !

From what I wrote you can understand there are currently 2 types of link shapes, each in 2 size, I've experimented with quite a few variations and these 2 size seem to offer a nice range of possibilities.

the link making frames set includes the following:

- Small leaf frame

frame size :1.9 by 1.1" (50/30mm), finished link size : 1.2 by 0.8" (32/22mm)

- Large leaf frame

frame size :3.3 by 1.7" (85/45mm), finished link size : 2.1 by 1.3" (55/35mm)

- Small square frame

frame size :1.5 by 1.5" (40/40mm), finished link size : 1 by 1" (26/26mm)

 - Large square frame

frame size :2 by 2" (52/52mm), finished link size : 1.5 by 1.5" (40/40mm)


Each design I made was based on one shape and size but you can combine them, and use more than one shape or size in one necklace for instance.  

The LINKS accessories will come with partial patterns with my suggestions for each of them .

Ready ?! Go ! 

BUY now.



if you have anything to say to me, any suggestion, idea, remark, email me ir contact me via the contact button in here .


Landed here by chance and want to get started wire crocheting in the ISK technique ? GO HERE to the where do I start page, and feel free to contact me if you need any clarifications, this is my passion and I'm happy to guide you into my world of wire crochet

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