Wire crochet Chainmaille ?

June 02, 2022

chain links tool in work - YoolaDesign

When I just started wire crocheting I tried my hands on additional few techniques, one of them that I was quite fascinated about was Chainmaille, I did not make more than one piece, it was a silver bracelet, that to make things harder than they already are, I made the rings myself , soldered them, hammered them, cut them open to do the Chainmaille ... and than soldered them again so they are close.

A true lunatic, I would not do such a crazy thing again... ha ha ! or maybe I would ? I really enjoyed it and still love it a lot.

chainmaille sterling bracelet handmade - YoolaDesign chainmaille sterling bracelet handmade - YoolaDesign chainmaille sterling necklace handmade - YoolaDesign chainmaille sterling necklace handmade - YoolaDesign

Writing this post made me go looking for that bracelet in hope I did not recycle it in a hasty non nostalgic moment, and surprise surprise, I found it ! badly oxidized, which I like a lot, and together with it I also found an organic looking chain I made of sterling silver, which was a lot of work as well, but not as challenging as chain Chainmaille one.

Reading what I write makes me wonder how come I'm still that fascinated about wire crochet, as I keep going in circles in the same areas rediscovering things I already touched, sorry about this self doubt I'm experiencing, it will pass and I will keep inviting you to join the wire crochet journey ! 

Writing of which, I've received lately quite a few personal emails from clients sharing with me how wire crocheting in the ISK technique helps them go through difficult times, due to illness or due to emotional stress or depression, I love hearing from you , keep writing me its my creativity fuel.

So if we go back to where I started, I'm currently focused on exploring if chainmaille principals can be implemented when using the new chain links tools set, or maybe making wire crochet links as suggested in the previous post is magical enough.

chain links tool in work - YoolaDesign

chainmaile wire crochet - YoolaDesign chainmaile wire crochet - YoolaDesign

time will tell !

In the meantime if you are as excited about it as me and haven't ordered the chain links tools set, go ahead and order a set in your favorite color.

chain links tool - YoolaDesignchain links tool - YoolaDesignchain links tool - YoolaDesignchain links tool - YoolaDesign




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