Challenge me, I love solving wire crochet puzzles !

Curious what I mean by that ?
not so long ago one of our FB group memebers posted a lovely zig zag bracelet she made, the bracelet got everyone's attention, but she wasn't that happy with how she made it, and asked if I have an idea how to make it using one single wire and not multiple pieces.

Even if you are just a newbie to wire crochet you already know that changing wires is something better avoided if it's not a must, s if you want to make this zig zag bracelet in one color, there should be no reason to change wires.

The said zig zag bracelet was posted by Gitta Reis, and unless I'm mistaken she made it following her daughter's request.

wire crochet zigzag design

This challenge wasn't new to me, I tried too in the past to create something similar, I too love the zig zag shape.... but at the time I couldn't solve it, probably something else more urging came along and drew my attention. but this time around it was suddenly very clear, as they say, things come at the right time...

I didn't manage to take a photo or even give a hint to Gitta, all I said was that I solved it and that it was possible, and guess what ?! she solved it too, amazing how much we can achieve if we only believe its achievable.

wire crochet zigzag bracelet design

I'm afraid there is no full or even partial pattern, but I will leave the hint here for you all to see... I'm sure the more advanced readers will catch it up, if you didn't , don't worry .... more detailed explanation probably in the form of a partial pattern will come .

if you are a newbie, I would try with easier challenges at this time ;)  

 wire crochet zig zag bracelet how to

wire crochet zig zag bracelet how to

wire crochet zig zag bracelet how to

got it  ? ...


Yael aka Yoola


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