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yoola terms of useI know some of you will think I'm out of my mind, but in the same breath I'm sure quite a few of you will appreciate it ;)

I decided to change the terms in which my designs and patterns can be used, until toady it was only allowed to make my exact designs as gifts or for charity, it was prohibited to make them commercially, only variations were allowed.   

as of today you are welcome to make my exact designs to sell, provided that you credit "YoolaDesign" and include a link to the pattern’s web page at Yooladesign.com or a general link pointing to the site. I guess you'll agree with me its not a lot to ask...

using my images continues to be prohibited, you can't post my images to sell your work, pls take your own photos :)

The pattern itself and the photographs included in it are property of YoolaDesign, it is available for your personal use only. 
No reproduction in whole or in part or distribution of the pattern or its content is allowed. pls respect the time and effort I put in the preparation of each pattern. 
This is a big step, I hope I won't regret it ..  

Happy ? post here below and help me spread the ISK word ; -)


Yael aka Yoola




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  • Bonni Lee

    Thank you Yael for this decision! I would of course give you credit for any completed works using your design if I should sell them. I think like everyone else has said that that is very generous and gracious of you to allow this! Thank you again!😃❤️👍🏽

  • Kathleen Ruth

    This is so nice of you! I’ve enjoyed making your designs for my family and friends as gifts and now maybe I’ll think about making some of them for others who have asked.

  • Berenice

    Very Generous! Thank you! Hope to see more of you!

  • Elean Theo

    I apologize, but my smiley face at the end of my message came out as a question mark. So, here is my “double” smiley face. :0))

  • Elean Theo

    Yael, that is very kind of you. Credit should indeed been given where credit is due. ?

  • Donna Slessar

    Thank you Yael. What you ask is very reasonable and extremely generous. I make gifts for friends and relatives and choose to acknowledge your input, design excellence and creativity (even though my efforts are a long way from perfect!).

  • Yoola

    Michele , I’m sorry if this wasn’t clear , it is not allowed to publish or sell tutorials in the ISK technuique .
    The change is that you can make finished items to sell with no limitations other than giving credit .

  • Michele

    Yoola, if a design is modified and then sold commercially, you should be credited in the design at least in a footnote. Your change is in line with the industry and I agree with this change! The only question I have is how could we sell our design in tutorial form? Are you asking for us to write up the whole tutorial from start to finish or insert a link to your site to have user to learn “basics” and write about how to move from there? Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Debbie Beechy

    Thank you!

  • Rodica

    Of course! Everyone should be happy with this decision! <3


    Yael, excellent decision. Thanks! :))

  • Yoola

    Sure Meri, I will continue giving the same support as before :) explaining everything not clear .
    no need to put my logo , only YoolaDesign and a link to my website.

  • méri

    You are a big heart just as I already knew! Thank you Yael.
    I think
    I would not sell but I found with you precious gifts to offer to my nieces and granddaughters and all I want to give made by my hands. Thank you so much.
    Will you go on at hand explaining something we don’t understand well in pdf or videos?
    How can I add your logo to my blog?

  • gitta reis

    Congrats, a very good business decision! Since it is so easy to publish and sell something “almost” identical, without crediting at all, this way you can get credits and promotion from much more sources!

  • Marie Emmanuel

    Dear Yael,

    This is so generous of you and it’s definitely not too much to ask. I will most certainly be crediting you on the designs I make. Thank you for all the time you have put into all these amazing patterns.

  • Grete Jørgensen

    I think, it’s very generous of you, thank you.

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