Crochet wire jewelry for Men! a gift for him

August 21, 2018

crochet wire jewelry for men

It is accurate to say I design and make crochet wire jewelry for woman, I guess it has partly to do with the fact that to start with I made jewelry for myself, but probably also because the men in my life don't wear jewelry. So you must be thinking something has changed, well… nothing has, only my point of view...

When a dear client of mine told me her son loves what she is wearing and would like a set of a simple bracelet and a ring for himself, I was a bit surprised and even skeptical; I always felt my designs are too delicate and feminine looking to suite a man's hand. But when I dived deeper into Men's jewelry trends I realized there might be something there, I noticed weaved jewelry are trendy among men, which means my wire crocheted look could answer this definition easily. After all meshes are very significant of bizantic art, and wire crochet bring an ancient art certainly goes there. As part of my research I also learned that leather jewelry are a  popular trend for a very long time now, probably has to do with the hunter hidden in men's souls.

Flipping thought endless pages of leather bracelets reminded me of a ring I made ages ago, it was a simple wire crochet band ring made of a gray wire, and as you can guess by now, it had a leather strap caged inside the tube, I wore this ring for a very long time until it disappeared at some point. Maybe I lost her, I really don’t recall when was the last time I saw it. This is what happens when you wear jewelry that you can always re make, you are less cautious and tend to loose them. But this memory intrigued me to design a line of more muscular looking bracelets and rings, they are less delicate looking than my ongoing line of jewelry for woman but still don’t go all the way to the rough look and feel, for this reason they can just as well be categorized as unisex jewelry. The ring you will find under this category is the same design I used to wear.

As always this design is also a suggestions to DIY such bracelets and rings for the men in your lives, both the ring and the bracelets are beginners level patterns, so this invitation is open to really everyone, it can even be your very first wire crochet project. You can get them through the wire crochet jewelry patterns section, and add to them the wire crochet tools and supplies.

On the wire crochet supplies section you will also find the stainless steel clasps I managed to locate, they are of a very good quality and add a great touch to the bracelets; they have a matt finish and slide in and out easily.

Although I currently make this crochet wire jewelry line in shades of grays and brown leather, it can obviously be made in nay other color; the idea makes me want to make the ring in red … which makes sense for woman, but for men? I'm not sure.

This little search also reminded me that sometimes you don’t have to look far to re discover old loves and that "keep it simple" is still one of my favorite phrase …



Yael aka Yoola

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