Crochet with wire for Halloween !

October 27, 2021

wire crochet pumpkin - Yooladesign

This year I decided I want to crochet a little something for Halloween, as usual I only remembered its coming when it's literally knocking on the door, 5 days till Halloween. 

So let's see what this can be, first thing that comes to my mind is something made of orange, maybe a pumpkin? I could wire crochet a fun pumpkin, I grew so many pumpkins in my veggie garden this summer, I wish I kept one to function as a model, unfortunately they were all eaten weeks ago. I do have nice photos I can use, they were so cute that I photographed them, I guess the japanese pumpkin is the best candidate if you ask me, small, bold orange color and a very significant pumpkin looking shape.

japanese pumpkin in out garden - YoolaDesign


so - I'm putting the keyboard away for a few hours and will hopefully be back with a pumpkin, keep your fingers crossed. 


XXL wire crochet pumpkin in the work - Yooladesign


I'm back... several hours later and I have been crocheting most of the time, I began very ambitiously with the XXL loom, thinking it would be easier to crochet the pumpkins unique wavy shape this way, but when midday passed and I only had the bottom ready I decide I should change the plan and go with a smaller size, in hope I will be able to crochet a nice pumpkin, occasionally smaller objects are harder to make, there is less volume to work with and you need to be more accurate.

So I downgraded to the XL loom which suddenly seemed rather small, and rushed on, this size is a size I'm more competent in working with and let's face it , it's a big difference working on a 84 loops loom vs 56 ! doesn't sound like a big difference but multiple it by the number of rows and you will get a more accurate sense of the differece, huge!

small wire crochet pumpkin- Yooladesign

Wire crocheting a pumpkin has been on my mind for many years but it somehow never matured into an actual object, I did not even reach the point of thinking how to form the shape,only had the vision of a wire crochet pumpkin. I wonder  if it's only halloween knocking on the door that made this happen today of all days or maybe the pumpkin I grew and ate all along the summer had contributed to that,  or maybe its the coming art show of yayoi kusama with her famous pumpkins that opens up in a few weeks in Tel Aviv Art museum.

yayoi kusama red pumpkin - Yooladesign yayoi kusama

Bottom line I finally made a sweet wire crochet pumpkin and its adorable, I got so excited along the process seeing that the pumpkin shape is indeed coming to life that I did not write down what I was doing, so I hope I will be able to repeat its making and share the instructions with you.

wire crochet pumpkin - Yooladesign

wire crochet pumpkin -Yooladesign

wire crochet pumpkin - YoolaDesign

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