Garden inspirations ! when wire crochet and my garden meet

April 01, 2021

wire crochet color garden inspiration - YoolaDesign

I don't know how about you, but colors always give me a strong boost of inspiration, I always have around me endless wire spools in all shades, this has always been the case fro me, even when this was just a hobby and I only had a little hidden craft corner dedicated to wire crochet at home.

I'm especially amazed by the color combos nature brings into our eyes, and now with my new exciting gardening hobby, I love it that my 2 interests meet, gardening and wire crochet, who would have thought.

It's spring now in Israel, and everythign is in full bloom, I cherish every moment because the Israeli spring is super short, and before you manage to say Robinzon Kruso, its gone, and we dive into the dry Israeli summer. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally a summer person, I love the heat, I love going out with bare feet and feel the heat of the earth, I love the stillness of the heat , maybe because I spent my early years in the desert next to the red sea, its deep in my bones.

When I did my morning tour this morning to check if the watermelons, melons and corns that I seeded finally popped up, and if the tomatoes and cucumbers young plants are doing ok, I felt an urge to create wire color combos inspired by what's in my garden right now.

Unfortunately I dont have wires in enough shades to really imitate nature precise shades, but some are really close. you can find them below and if you click on the image you can also add them to your cart ;) 

hopefully by next week I will also wire crochet several jewelry in these color combos ! 

Garden cress wires inspiration

craft wire- garden cress inspiration - Yooladesign

Rose sweet pea wires inspiration

craft wire inspiration - rose sweet pea inspiration - Yooladesign

Purple sweet pea wires inspiration

purple sweet pea wire crochet inspiration - Yooladesign

Red lettuce wire combo inspiration 

craft wire - garden inspiration - Yooladesign

Beet leaves colors inspiration 

beet leaves - wire colors - wire crochet - YoolaDesign

Wheat colors inspiration 

craft wire inspiration- Yooladesign

Love them ?

enjoy !...



Landed here by chance and want to get hooked on wire crochet in the Invisible spool knitting technique ? check this page first ! 

and feel free to contact me if you have any questions,







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