Having fun making petals with the YoolaKnitter

October 31, 2019

Having fun making petals with the YoolaKnitter

I occasionally get asked about the difference between the YoolaKnitter and the ISK starters, the answer is easy, with the YoolaKnitter you :

1. don't have to wire crochet a base


2. you don't have to cut off the work form the base 

although this is burnt strongly into my mind, only this week I experienced for the first time how big an impact this little thing can have when wire crocheting in the ISK technique. 

It all started with one of my most dedicated class participants Nechama Bar-Nissan, a few weeks ago she came to the class with an amazing statement necklace made of medium size spheres, we were super impressed and thought it took tons of work ... she looked super radiant and was happy to share with us that the spheres were surprisingly easy to make thanks to the YoolaKnitter. When you make a piece composed form multiple wire crocheted elements such as nechama's spheres necklace you naturally need to start a new piece often.

By Nechama Bar NisanBy Nechama Bar Nisan

So the other day when I decided to explore the making of petals, I had the chance to experience it myself, and guess what ?!... I too couldn't stop making petals... I just didn't want to stop, so I decided to explore color combos instead of actually head towards designing any specific piece of jewelry using the petals, ha ha ... 

YoolaKnitter petals

wire crochet petals

wire crochet petals

wire crochet petals

wire crochet petals

wire crochet petals

wire crochet petals in blue

While making the petals I noticed that it was especially comfortable to hold the knitter when reducing the top stitches to create the dome of the sphere. the truth is I wasn't aware of that did not specifically aimed to achieve it when designing the YoolaKnitter, good surprises are always welcome ! 

All the above are my newly made petals , I feel like making more and more of then, but I guess I will have to stop at some point to actually create a finished wearable piece , or maybe I won't   ? ...



Since the YoolaKnitter is still so very young, I would love to hear your discoveries, here or on our clients closed "YoolaISK" group on FB.


Yael aka Yoola



Landed here by chance and want to get started wire crocheting in the ISK technique ? begin by clicking HERE still have questions ? drop me a note and I will be happy to assist you !




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