Heart shape looms, to crochet exquisite wire hearts

March 18, 2022

Heart shape looms, to crochet exquisite wire hearts

Originally I came up with the heart shape looms around Valentine's day, but a heart theme is always relevant, in some cultures it is more common than others, I noticed that looking at the countries people buying the heart looms came from. could you guess  ? I'm curious if you will be right...

The heart looms currently come in 3 size, but seeing your enthusiasm in wire crocheting hearts I will soon make available a heart frame in wall decor scale. 

The jewelry making heart looms are available in 3 size:

The large heart is : 2.7 by 2.7" (70/70mm)
The medium heart is : 1.7 by 1.7" (45/45mm)
The small heart is: 1.1 by 1.1" (30/30mm)

The heart looms are accompanied with a PDF in the partial pattern format, based on the YoolaFlower, but if you know my method of decreasing from another pattern you also good to go. The partial patterns explain how to wire crochet simple hearts, there is also a suggestion for a book marker in a heart shape, an idea for a great little gift for book lovers. Based on the pattern you can surely come up with more ideas, one lady on the group (Rose Morris) made a puffy large heart using 2 hearts, a bit like the heart book mark, v e r y impressive !

I currently make the heart looms in my traditional orange, but also in red! which was accepted so warmly, almost all the heart looms sets orders were in red, does make sense... I'm glad I made this option available.

If you are a member of the YoolaISK clients group on facebook you must have seen the sweet wire crochet hearts some of the members created. this is a reminder that if you are a client you are welcome there ! but do answer the questions or I will not be ably to recognize and approve you in. 

Got for some reason out of touch and missed the heart looms launch ?

you can order the set by clicking here !

heart looms - YoolaDesign

wire crochet heart - YoolaDesignhearts - YoolaDesign

here are the partial patterns that go with it :

heart bookmark - YoolaDesign

 wire crochet large heart - YoolaDesignheart earrings - YoolaDesignmedium size wire crochet heart - YoolaDesign


want to share with me something ? 

I'm always glad to get your emails and suggestions !




Landed here by chance and want get hooked on wire crochet in the ISK technique ?

start here ! still not sure what to get first or have a questions?

contact me and I will gladly assist you


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