How the water purifying installer enabled a breakthrough with the YoolaKnitter

November 05, 2020

How the water purifying installer enabled a breakthrough with the YoolaKnitter

This breakthrough I'm going to share with you happened last week when I was keeping company to the guys installing our new water purifying system, you must be asking yourself, what can a water purifier installation have to do with wire crocheting, I know...  I was sitting in the kitchen waiting until they solve endless tech issues, first with the tap, then they had to drill in our hard countertop for more than half an hour, the whole thing took approx 2 hours !! neverending if you ask me

YoolaKnitter PLUS

So what I did was something I often do, a list, yes, a simple list of interesting wire crochet tips and tricks I can share with my ISK community, and there it was, bammm ! an idea how to use the YoolaKnitter for more stitches than the 24 stitches it is designed for. The background was that while developing the YoolaStar pattern I came up with a trick to stretch the 24 loops into 25, but now it suddenly hit me that following the same method I can easily create up to 48 loops using the YoolaKnitter.

As you know, it is not possible to go into the same loop twice as in classic crochet because the loops are "open", and here comes this fun new trick, to overcome this you can crochet a second row by pulling a second stitch through each gate, confused ? let me explain:

1. first row is regular through all 24 YoolaKnitter gates 

2. in the second row you go again through the same gates pulling  additional 24 stitches

the result is a first row with 48 stitches in total !

you can obviously choose to make less than 48 if you dont go into all gates.

3. The 3rd time you go around the YoolaKnitter is actually your 2nd row in which you go into all 48 stitches that you made to create a second row.

YoolaKnitter PLUS from yoola on Vimeo.

When the installation guys left I immediately put the idea to test and it worked like magic !

I feel so silly that only weeks ago when a client asked if she could make the pomegranate or the pendant light using the YoolaKnitter, I said with no hesitation that I'm really sorry but its not possible...

The YoolaKnitter advantage is emphasized when you are making multiple organ pieces like ball beads, flowers, stars, spinners etc ...  AND with projects that have a larger number of stitches, like the pomegranates, peras, lampshades etc. 

To celebrate this great new trick I plan on redoing those patterns soon, so if you bought them in the past get ready to receive a free update!


Landed here by chance and don't have a clue what I'm talking about ? 

check the where do I start page to dive into wire crochet in the ISK technique .


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