How to double your crochet speed - really !!!

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YES ! I know all of you would have liked to learn how to double the speed you crochet wire in, I know I would !

Last week while crocheting a spiral tube necklace in 2 colors, ash gray and rose in case you were wondering, I realized that I could actuality do 2 rows at once and by that double my crochet speed.

Sounds blurry ? let me try to explain, until now I used to crochet one row in one color and then the second in the other color. But what I realized was that I could crochet both rows at once ! 

Still confused ? I filmed a short free tutorial to teach you how you can implement this free tip too !

This tip would also work if you want a plain one color tube necklace, you only need to use 2 spools of the same color.

The spiral effect is most dominant when you pick 2 very contrasting colors such as dark blue and gold or red and gold etc.

spiral necklace

how to double crochet speed

Can't wait to hear what you thought of this tip :) !


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  • Méri

    Yes! I’ve tried with the larger and it works much better. I have to pay more attention to tension…
    I can’t find the explanation you’ve gave for starting with another colour and at the end cut it – I would like understand why.
    Thank you for all the help you give. Today i saw other videos and they are great.

  • Merav

    This is so cool!! Thank you :)

  • Julie

    Fantastic! I really like the slight added texture, too.

  • Craftgossip

    Thanks for the tips, loved this Crochet project

  • oola mar

    Wow, wonderful idea, thank you so much for sharing a lovely technique. Sincerely, Oola Mar

  • Joëlle

    Merci Yaël!! Je vais vite l’essayer avec 2 couleurs différentes. Je trouve ça tout simplement génial. Merci beaucoup!! A bientôt. Bonne Journée

  • méri

    Thanks for the tip Gabrielle and Yael. Thought the same but not sure. Thank you

  • Gabriele

    Hi Méri,
    I do have the same problem with the smallest one. So please try the next size. It is much easier and lets you make a lot of beautiful jewelry. That’s what it is about ;)

  • Yael

    Meri ! when you go back to it, which im sure you will, start with the large ones :) ! much easier …
    and contact me and the YoolaISK group on FB for help .

  • Yael

    GABRIELE ! ha ha ! I never saw you came up wiht the same idea …. great minds think a like ;)

  • נחמה בר ניסן

    Thank you very much. It’s “Achla” tip.

  • Rachel wilf

    I love it.

  • Gabriele

    That’s true, you can use ore than two wires:

  • méri

    Thanks for this But too much for me. As soon as I’ve received your package I tried the little ISK and it was a disaster. I know, I know I must try again and again, but for now my head is full of things some good others not so good. It’s life and it means I’m alive! As soon as I do something right I’ll answer to your review. Only had time to see two videos
    Hope you’ve had good holidays

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