Join the ISK version of the Tempestry Project: A Colorful Journey in Wire Crochet

June 22, 2023

Join the ISK version of the Tempestry Project: A Colorful Journey in Wire Crochet

Hi everyone,

A few days ago, I came across something I had never heard of before: the Tempestry project. It was introduced in a local Israeli crochet group that I recently joined. It's a wonderful, large community run by a local expert named Idit Paran. So, if you are a Hebrew speaker and enjoy crocheting with soft wires in addition to regular wires, you should definitely join! Here is the link !

In case you are like me and have never heard of it before, let me explain. The Tempestry project is a group challenge where you add one row each day using your preferred technique—whether it's knitting, crochet, weaving, tapestry, wire crochet or anything else. The color of the row represents the temperature of the day in your location. For example, on a very cold day, you would use "cold" shades like blue, while hot days would correspond to "warm" shades like yellow, orange, or red.

You can check out various results on Instagram using the hashtag #tempestryproject, or if you're feeling lazy, I've included a few examples here.

I loved the idea so much that I wanted to jump in immediately. However, I thought my project would end up looking quite monotonous due to the Israeli summer—yellow, yellow, and more yellow, ha ha. I was also concerned about the long-term commitment since it lasts for a whole year, which can be challenging for me. So, I came up with a variation of the challenge that caters to people like me, ha ha!

Instead of a full year, we can do a 1-month challenge where we create either a cuff or a tube necklace. The cuff has approximately 60 rows, meaning we would add 2 rows per day. The tube necklace can have 120 rows, with 4 rows added every day. Alternatively, you can choose a decorative piece as your project. The color you choose for each day should reflect your mood. There will be a pinned post at the top of the group where participants can share their daily progress and optionally explain why they chose a particular color. However, this is not obligatory—nothing is. If you happen to skip a day because you're away or simply don't have the time, no worries. At the end of the 30 days, we will create a collage showcasing all our works. I'm sure the results will be interesting. The only rule is that the project should be related to wire crochet in the ISK technique, as this group focuses on that. Our tag for this challenge will be #ISKmoodProject.

What do you think? Is anyone up for the challenge? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions? Speak now or forever hold your silence. 😉



Join the conversation on the YoolaISK group on Facebook ! if  you are not yet a member you are welcome to join !


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