Knitting Needles, My secret weapon

December 14, 2017

Knitting Needles, My secret weapon

Did I ever tell you knitting needles were one of my secret weapons ? 

knitting needles

Coming to think of it only my workshop participants know about it, and there is no reason I don't share this little trick with those of you that can't hop over for a session, don't get me wrong, it's not like I was keeping this for myself, I simply didn't realize I never wrote about it anywhere.

So here it goes, I have a bunch of knitting needles, mostly in size 2.5mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm & 20mm  that I use as sort of anvils, though I'm not sure this is the most accurate way to describe the use I make of them.

knitting needles

I use them in a few scenarios, the first is when a tube isn't crocheted that precisely and I want to better see the work, I stretch the knitted tube on knitting needle or if its not large enough I insert a second , and sometimes even a third . This enables me to examine the work and give feedback if required, see for example if a student lost a stitch ; )  which happens .. once the work has been stretched, I pull it through the draw plate, chances are it will look more even than before.


Another reason to drape the work over a knitting needle is before a tube is flatten into a bracelet, if the work is not that even it will enable to better see the stitches and create  the rim on an aligned line, which as you know is the key to a lovely YoolaCuff .

knitting needles  

The pointed end of the knitting needles support this purpose perfectly, it enable smoothly draping of the knitting over it. on the other hand , the bulgy side with the cap and the number is less supportive of our purpose, I occasionally take it of, sometimes its easily taken off, but if it doesn't, I cut it off using a tubular cutter that I once got from IKEA when I bought a sink for the studio, ha ha .... or you can also easily saw it , after all its made of plastic.

knitting needles  knitting needles

knitting needles

knitted necklaces

Another situation in which it may come of use for you is if you have narrowed the knitted tube necklace and it has become too thin, in such an occasion you enlarge it back to its original size with the knitting needle.

tube necklaces draw plate

draw plate

If you don't have unused knitting needles lying around to reuse, you can find single needles on the supply section, click here for knitting needles




Landed here by chance and want to learn to wire crochet in the Invisible Spool knitting ? start here ! 

size chart

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