Meet me in Tokyo ?

kiwa Kiwa Seisakujo tokyo workshop in tokyo yoola in japan yoola workshop yoolaflower

yes ! I mean it ... it's not a teaser :) 

in a little more then 2 weeks I will be giving my first workshop in Japan ...... 

or to be exact : October 14th 2016 11:15 in Harajuku Tokyo !

anyone happen to be in the neighborhood ? here are ALL the details of "Yoola Workshop in Tokyo" . 

The workshop is hosted by Kiwa Seisakujo , known as Tokyo's leading jewelry making heaven .... with a total of 10 stores in Tokyo and one in Osaka , and endorsed by Swarovski Japan. I will have to take a deep breath before going in .... 

yoola workshop in tokyo

I will be teaching there the YoolaFlower pattern , with a little pearly Swarovski twist...

I hope not to be too exited to take photos !

You must be wondering if I speak Japanese  .... well, I'm sad to say I don't, I try picking up the essentials to stay on the polite side of things, but probably nothing more .

I hope most participants will speak some English, plus I will have a translator .... plus, bottom line it's a matter of hands and eyes ... :) just as so many clients that buy my kits from overseas don't speak English and manage to get hooked , the same will do hear. 

This amazing experience wouldn't have come to life without the incredibly sweet Mrs Yukari Shimizu , that I can't wait to meet in person ! finally ! :) 

Dōmo arigatōgozaimasu ....


Looking to host me for a wire crochet workshop ?

contact me ;-) ! .... I LOVE to travel ...




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