More ways to use the ISK wire crochet starter looms

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The idea of using the ISK looms in other ways than simply starting a tube, has been cooking in my head for a long time, but I never got to dive in and start putting it together.

The ISK looms are used to easily start any wire crochet design, tube, round, square or flat they all begin as a tube.

But this is definitely not where it ends !

Idea # 1 : use more than one loom ! yes :) did you ever imagine what will happen if you start with one loom and continue to another one , lets say of a different size ?  or the same size  ?

I did ;) and here is what I came up with



with some amethyst beads ...


Idea # 2 : ever wanted to make interlocking designs ?

just think for a moment the loom was open and could slide into another one, easily implemented , using a sharp blade your ISK can be sliced at one point and then slide into an already crocheted circle  or another ISK loom.

What can be achieved this way ? you can crochet interlocking flowers to make earrings or even a whole chain ! or you can use it a starting point and crochet a more complex design as this infinity looking designs implies.

if you think that all my attempts turn out well, think again...

my first attempt was with interlocking ISK's , guess what happened  ? one of them got stuck inside the knitting .... I had to cut that one too in order to rescue it .

another unsuccessful attempt happened when it tried crocheting on 2 looms that are already interlocked , turned out really strange , but I hope at some point to get back there and further explore it , I feel there is still a penitential design calling my name.

thought this was it ?

wrong ....

but this is not for those with a week heart ... I sliced 2 L ISK's into half and assembled them into a 4 petal flower !, wasn't sure until the very end if i will get simply a large round flower or actually a new looking pattern , which as your eyes can see , I sure did.

Since I'm so excited about the potential lying here and sure you can come up with more , I announce a BOGO sale of the 4 small looms ISK sets ! Buy one and get the second for free, or in other words 50% off when buying 2 sets ;-)  

The BOGO willl ruin for whole week, ending Dec 13th 2017, it is only for the 4 looms ISK sets, not singles or the large ones. 

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    I’m not at all surprised sweet Yaelina! You’re always up to something new and soooooo exciting! I do love all of this and will most certainly participate as soon as possible. At the moment another unvolontary pause, but as you know I always come back hihihi! Much much love to you and looking forward to next creative ideas!!!!

  • Geneviève DHAINAUT

    I admire you!!! You’ re really gifted even if not all your attempts were successful. By the way, I still haven’t been able to crochet something that really satisfy me. I gave up for the time being but will come back to it soon ?

  • meri

    great ideas, I’ve tried something like this using the little one, but gave up… have to try again.
    For now I’m finishing some Christmas gifts I’ll show in the group soon.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us your great ideas.

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