Mother Daughter vacation quality time

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I actually wasn't sure whether to call it a Mother-Daughter craft kit or a Grandma-Grandchild craft kit, somehow the grandam grandchild sounded too longish , although this is the story behind how this kit idea was born....

a few days a go I was asked if the ISK technique is achievable for an 8 year old, luckily I could answer from my own experience , when Hagar, my daughter,  was about that age I taught her to wire crochet in my technique ! coming to think of it, she was my first student !  but hey ! keep in mind that not all kids are the same , as not all adults are.

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From my experience young hands with gentle motor skills, can with no problem learn to wire crochet, in a way it's even easier for them than for accomplished crocheters , because their hands are used to certain movements etc that don't work that well wiht my technique. 
Hagar is now almost 20 , and we tried together to recall if it was in any way difficult for her , and she remembers it as very easy , fun and straightforward ....
For a month or so she did really great things but than packed them all in a nice round box and moved on to sewing, which didnt last that long either ... ha ha , I hope she won't read this blog post ...
I believe crafting together creates a special  bonding vibe , I see it happening in my workshops , the hands are busy , the mind is free and the good vibes crafting brings , fills the heart with joy and accomplishment .
The Mother-Daughter vacation kit includes supply for the 2 of you to work alongside , 2 sets of everything except for the instructions, why have double ...
the kit will include the following mix of tutorials, (customization is available)
mother daughter vacation craft kit
1. band ring 
2. flower
3. celtic heart knot 
4. dreidels - because they are fun and actually spin  !
plus the following supply :
2 x full ISK starter looms, so you can work alongside  
2 crochet hooks 
2 x packs of wire (total of 6 spools) : 
don't forget - there is always Free shipping over 49$ worldwide !
Any thoughts about this new kit ? 
have you ever taught your kids grandkids crafting ?
Yael aka Yoola

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