Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings or maybe Earrings ?

September 22, 2021

Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings or maybe Earrings ?

What wire crochet products do you like making most ?

I went over my NEW patterns sections on the website trying to look at it with fresh eyes, and couldn't ignore the fact that there are lots of wire crochet necklaces patterns, a nice amount of bracelets & earrings patterns but only a few wire crochet rings tutorials, and a wire crochet ring was my first piece of jewelry I ever crochet with wire... hmmm...

This sent me thinking if this is random, is it me? is it you?  
so the easiest thing is to ask, what are the items you make most? or want to make most? which are the most desirable jewelry piece to wire crochet ? 

 most desirable jewelry piece to wire crochet

I could notice this because the patterns in the shop were lately rearranged to enable you to easily search or scroll through the various wire crochet patterns available. You can search by Topic and see for yourself how many tutorials are available per category : Bracelets patternsEarrings PatternsNecklaces patternsRings & Home decor patterns.

This is a great opportunity to remind you that you can also search now for patterns according to the difficulty level you are interested in, are a newbie and want something you can successfully wire crochet as a beginner? beginners level patterns are here ! want to put the volume up a bit? brows through the Intermediate level patterns or if you are looking for some challenge this is your section : advanced level patterns.

a n d , if you are not an English speaker maybe the wire crochet pattern you want to make was already translated into your language. The languages currently in the lead are German and Spanish, but there are also patterns translated into French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and Hebrew.

Going back to our topic, which pieces of jewelry you would like making most, I guess pieces that require exact measures are the most challenging, going into this category are rings and bracelets, when rings are probably the more sensitive of the two, so maybe this is why there are less wire crochet tutorials on my list than other jewelry pieces. of course this possible resolutions immediately sends me researching how I can develop less sensitive measure rings in wire crochet, but is this even the case ? 

so... I would really like to hear which are the items YOU like wire crocheting most ! or want to see more patterns of !

comment below :)



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