NEW versions for veteran wire crochet patterns

March 03, 2021

NEW versions for veteran wire crochet patterns

Although I announce all updates on the newsletter I decided I would dedicated a post to it also on the blog, our email boxes have become such a jungle, trying to sort the real gold from all the junk and in the process loos a lot of vital information.

wire crochet updates yooladesign

Basically if you bought your pattern here on my website, updates are sent directly to your inbox, but here too, unless you verified the website emails they may have gone to the spam... so make sure to mark my email addresses "white" :)

If you bought my wire crochet patterns elsewhere,  on my etsy shop for example, I have no way of letting you know there is an update, this must come from you.

email me your order number and I will gladly send over the update.

In cases where only the video was updated you will need nothing other than the password you recived wiht your purchase, the new videos simply replaces the old ones.  

The patterns I updated in the last year are the following :

YoolaFlower & variations  


wire crochet flower pattern yoolaflower




wire crochet cuff bracelet pattern yoolacuff


Yoola Pomegranate


wire pomegranate crochet instructions yooladesign


Pixie Beads with Pod beads & small beads  variations


wire crochet beads - Yooladesign


I warmly recommend having a look at them as, I want to think my teaching improved over the years and so are my filming and editing so you can really benefit from them :) after all som were written back in 2009 ! OMG that is so long ago !... 

I also tend to add variations to many of the patterns these days , so there's another benefit of keeping your yoola wire crochet patterns library up to date.

I hope anyone interested will request their updgared !

to all wire crochet patterns section CLICK HERE !



p.s. in case you missed this little fact, the upgrades are free ...


landed here by chance and want to get hooked on wire crochet ?

check this page it will help you understand how to get started CLICK HERE !





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