4 way to wire crochet an Ombre Bracelet

August 04, 2016

4 way to wire crochet an Ombre Bracelet

Ombre trend isn't new, but it doesn't make it any less attractive, I'm not sure when the current trend started or in what section, if it was textile first, then jewelry and then hair or any other way round.

If you ask me, I think it started when the computers got into dominating the graphic design world, yes..... graphic design did exist when designer had nothing but pens and pencils.

Just to clarify,  in case someone isn't sure what's Ombre, Ombre is gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually  light to dark, in english it would be called gradient, but doesn't everything sound more sexy in French ? ! especially if it has to do with fashion. 

Googling the word Ombre shoots out on top of everythign hair colors, so either this is THE hottest Ombre trend at the moment, or this industry just dominates the searches because it rolls the most money ... 

But I guess if you're reading my blog you're not really here to read about fashion history but to see what it has to do with wire crochet  and jewelry making.

Ombre can be achieved in wire crochet in several ways, I could think of 4 , but there are probably more . one would be by changing wires while you crochet, another, as I executed in this Ombre Bracelet would be by connecting pre knitted elements in colors that create the effect, the same could be implemented by making pod or ball beads and stringing them in a order that creates an Ombre effect. A 3 rd way I could think of is by interlacing into the work small beads in gradual shades, but as I'm not a big beader, I cant show an example for that ... A 4th way to create Ombre, which I have to warn you , I havent tried it yet , is by dying the knitted piece of jewelry.

 Ombre Bracelet wire crochet

Ombre Bracelet - silver gray

 if you know my designs , you must recognize this cuff bracelet in gold 

Layering Bracelet in gold Layering Bracelet

The idea to make the Ombre Bracelet now of all times were the NEW wires I recived last week, I added to my color line Ultra White and Steel gray , which together with silver make a lovely Ombre Bracelet.

And as usual I'm not keeping this find to myself and im happy to have it added to my supply section , it is currently available in 2 combos :

Personally I'm enchanted by the ultra white wires, and I can't wait to see what everyone else will be doing with them too....


Yael aka Yoola

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