Researching new forms, 2 new wire crochet patterns are LIVE

March 10, 2021

wire crochet majestic necklace - yooladesign

In the last couple of weeks I have been researching working with the larger looms to see if it opens paths into new directions, and surprise surprise there is a whole new world hiding in there ! 

The harbinger was the SUN pattern and today I'm publishing the SPIKE pattern !

For those of you wondering why its a partial and not a full step by step pattern, here is how it goes, since these are not beginners level patterns , most of the clients following it will already know the basics and do not need me to teach them from scratch , the isk stitch, the flat stitch etc ...

In addition, since I do all the work on my own, write the patterns , film and and edit them, the partial format takes much less time to produce and I can bring to life many more patterns.

The two new wire crochet patterns, the SUN and the SPIKE necklaces require knowing the following methods :

The basic ISK stitch 

The flat stitch

The reduction stitch

they both require the XXL loom , the one with the 84 gates , 28 gauge wire and a crochet hook size 0.6 or 0.75 or 1.

The principles behind these patterns can be implemented in different scale as well, using the XL loom with 56 gates  or the L size loom with 40 gates will result in a smaller element SUN beam element, but just as attractive, some may even find it more universal .

I checked them all up so you can see the difference.

the largest one made wiht the XXL loom with  10 beams

the Medium one made wiht the  XL loom with 7 beams

and the smaller is made wiht the L loom wiht 5 beams

SUN necklace wire crochet jewelry by YoolaDesign

another interesting thing that happened and can be further explored is a combination of the Largest SUN element and the spike element into an impressive majestic statement necklace.

majestic wire crochet gold necklace - YoolaDesign

to purchase the SPIKE patterns CLICK HERE 

SPIKE wire crochet pattern - Yooladesign

to purchase the SUN patterns CLICK HERE 

SUN necklace wire crochet  pattern - Yooladesign




Landed here by chance and want to get started wire crocheting in the invisible spool knitting technique ? Learn wire crochet here !





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