Sea plus Sun plus Quiet equals inspiration

September 27, 2018

Sea plus Sun plus Quiet equals inspiration

Although inspiration isn't something I usually lack, just a few flips back in this blog will surely prove this to be true, but still there is something in the magical combination of clear waters, warm but not too hot weather and quite, that carries me into a unique state of mind. I love spending time in nature in many other forms, I love the desert, I love the mountains but not as I love clear sea waters...

wire crochet by the sea - Yooladesign wire crochet by the sea - Yooladesign

I know for most of you the sea and sun holidays are over, unless of course you are on the southern hemisphere side of life ;)  so this might be a suggestion for this year or for the next, I warmly recommend taking a compact crochet kit with you when you go on vacation, take only the essential tools and a few materials, so it is not too heave, do that just in case you will get inspired like I do ;)

wire crochet vacation kit - Yooladesign

wire crochet by the sea - Yooladesign

wire crochet by the sea - Yooladesign

wire crochet by the sea top view - Yooladesign

Curious to see where my wire and fingers led me? I hope you will not be disappointed if I tell you I don't know yet ... I did come up with a fun and enchanting form, definitely sea inspired! but I don't know yet what function to give it. The form resembles whale fins or just an imaginary sea creature of some sort. The large ones came up a bit too wide to hang as earrings, and a bit too thick to go for pendants. The small one on the other hand could definitely work as earrings, it’s the pink one if you are not sure, I guess I should make myself a pair and see how people react. 

wire crochet inspired by the sea - Yooladesign

wire crochet inspired by the sea - Yooladesign

In case you were wondering the actual dimensions of the large ones are 2.2" (5.7cm) long, 1.9" (5cm) wide and 1.1"(3cm) thick. The small one is 1.5" (3.7cm) long, 1.5" (3.7cm) wide and 1"(2.5cm) thick, I originally intended to make the small one half the size, but something go mixed up along the way…

Whale fin in wire crochet - Yooladesign

Whale fin in wire crochet - Yooladesign

Whale fin in wire crochet - Yooladesign

Whale fins in wire crochet - Yooladesign

I mostly took blue shades with me to work with, made sense when you think of wire crocheting next to the sea, but ended up working with my favorite steel and ash gray surprisingly combined with pink and purple, but hey! You have to admit they photographed wonderfully on my blue skirt…    

I'm actually not that concerned if they don't turn into anything wearable, I find them interesting as 3 dimensional wire crochet form, and sometimes it's enough. 

I promise to update with the developments if and when there will be any.


Yael aka Yoola


Landed here by Chance and want to learn to wire crochet in my unique invisible spool knitting technique? Check the where do I start page to understand how to navigate through the various products and as the name applies understand where to begin. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, I'm email friendly :) 


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