SHOSHKE a wire crochet representation of the activist comic book character

May 25, 2023

a wire crocheted activist art and activism

This is the story of a lost iconic SHOSHKE I wire crocheted and her twin sister who came to the rescue.

Most of you probably don't know SHOSHKE because she is a very local Israeli figure. She is not a real person but a work of art invented by Zeev Engelmayer. He created a comic book character through which he creates shows and activist actions to promote tolerance. At the bottom of the post, you will find a link to an article about him if you are intrigued to read more.

So, SHOSHKE, or actually Zeev Engelmayer, is doing a show at the Herzliya Art Museum, calling the public to send him their own interpretation of SHOSHKE using any means or technique. The target is to reach 1000 SHOSHKES, whether in actual numbers or just the concept. Since the topics he fights for are close to my heart, I decided to wire crochet a SHOSHKE! As some of you may notice, it is based on the Curle partial pattern, and from there, I improvised my way with the hook, wire crocheting my version of SHOSHKE.
wire crochet a curl
I hung her on a tube necklace, which I crocheted, and sent her to Zeev. It's been a week, then another week, and another, and it seems my wire crocheted pendant, SHOSHKE, has gone missing.
wire crochet pendant figure
wire crochet pendnat - YoolaDesign
The crazy thing is that, as you know, I have sent so many parcels worldwide for so many years, and I can count on one hand, maybe two, how many parcels went missing, so a domestik missing parcel didn't even cross my mind.

At first, I thought I would just let it go, but then I decided that this can happen and I can spare a few hours to wire crochet a new one. I had photos of the first one, so it wasn't so difficult to replicate it. I told myself she is the shy twin of the first SHOSHKE I made, and she is taking her sister's place. Just a silly story in the spirit of the character, ha ha...

I made the twin sister with some pink at the ends of her tube necklace, so if the first one ever gets found, we will know which is which.
DIY wire crochet how to
below is the twin sister, can you see the difference ?! ...
wire crochet character
wire crochet figurine - YoolaDesign
So, this is the story of SHOSHKE and her twin sister. Who said jewelry making should always be so serious?

link to an article about zeev Englmayer and SHOSHKE
landed here by chance and want to get into wire crocheting in the ISK technique ?
I suggest stating at the where do I start page , click here to get there.

size chart

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