Sinai my LOVE & Wire crochet on the beach

September 22, 2022

Sinai my LOVE & Wire crochet on the beach

Looking at the last post I published, I see it was when I came back from Finland, one that doesn't know me might think I'm a frequent traveler, which I'm so not, actually it depends in compared to who... as everything.

So I'm back from my yearly visit to Sinai, it feels like a good ritual, though it is really so close that I could consider doing it twice a year, it relaxes my soul so deeply, which is nothing you can have too much of.

We basically do nothing there, stare at the amazing sea as it changes by the hour, the tide coming and going exposing little islands when its low. The reflections of the red mountains when the sea is quite, and the changes in the mountain colors as the sun moves during the day. I just told a friend we were out there in that comfy shade called "ZOO-LA" from sunrise till sunset.


This is a Zoo-la !

desert architecturre


Sunset hours when the sea is super quite


Sunrise on the beach

Low tide in Sinai

Low tide islands

I took with me a small plastic suitcase with some supplies, but frankly I did not do much, but as always people were amused with the questions, " so is this what you do for a living ? " ... ha ha ! yes , my hobby became my day job .

It's also fun how I can make little gifts for strangers I meet and go into chatting,

little gifts

little things you can do on the beach

If I were traveling with a little stock of the hoop earrings that I normally have on me, I would have sold so many, I guess you too sometimes get stripped off the wire crochet jewelry you make and wear, I have heard this more than once.

The local Bedouins are strolling the beach offering simple bead chains and galabias, we were joking they might think I'm bringing in competition... ha ha .

BTW- I now realize how perfect it is to work with wires on the beach in opposed to cotton for example ;)

The kit I took with me included the chains links tools set , a wire cutter, a hook and wires, and something that is still a secret I'm not ready to share with the world, but it will be coming soon, I promise!  

wire crochet on the beach of Sinai 

BTW- I love it when you write me how wire crocheting is integrated into your life , what it brings with it, the strangers that start talking to you etc. so don't think twice, e mail me or share it on the FB group.

Happy new Jewish year to everyone, or as we say  "Shana Tova"!



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