SOWON JOO wire crochet Art Jewelry

July 21, 2016

SOWON JOO wire crochet Art Jewelry

Sowon Joo is a young Korean artist that makes complex yet clean wire crochet art jewelry . looking at her work I see we have in common a very soft spot for delicate wire metals and for forms inspired by nature. I actually didnt really know her work very well until one of my advanced workshop participant, decided to try and imitate one of Sowon Joo necklaces.

My student , Nehama Barnissan, which is an artist on her own, with expertise in a whole different field, papier mache, told me that one of her early art teachers told her that the best way to learn, is by first imitating, coming to think about it this is exactly how kids learn. 

Watching the work Nehama Bar Nissan has created following  Sowon Joo's sterling silver organic necklace , made me curious to see more of her work, this made me realize I actually have quite a few of her work on my pinterest boards.. the world is flat and small ...

To make it easy on me to share with you her work , I put it all into one board that you can see at the bottom of this post, and follow if you are a pinterest person, who isn't ... ? 

Lucky for me Nehama brought to class the organic necklace she has made , so I was able to take a few pictures and can share then here with you here .

so, this the original necklace by Sowon Joo :

 Sowon Joo

and here is Nehama's :

Sowon Joo

Sowon Joo

Sowon Joo

 and her first "inspired by necklace" :

organic wire crochet necklace

 Reading through Sowon Joo Bio on her website I learned she is interested in passages , nature, growth , really interesting and conceptual. 
"when I observe their transformation and development. Such motives expressed through the shapes of various life symbols are woven with silver wire."

Sowon Joo defines her wire work method as weaving , which makes me wonder how similar it is to my own Invisible spool knitting , but as I couldn't find video of her in work , it's hard to tell.
"Metal weaving process requires a tremendous amount of time and effort as well as a high level of caution and sensitivity. ...... and the fragile and delicate nature of weaving with silver wire represents the vulnerability and fragility of life"

I dont know what about you , but for me wires ust do the trick , I'm completly smitten... 
visit Sowon Joo's website to see and read more :

Here is the pinterest Board I put up for this post :


Check my Wire Crochet Patterns section to start learning today from anywhere ....




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