Helsinki in my wire crochet journey - The inner circle collection

August 03, 2022

Wire crochet rings - YoolaDesign

The CIRCLE is a new wire crochet collection that was born right after I came back from visiting Helsinki and its proximity.

This trip was an intense dive into the Finish design, past and present, although it wasn't Helsinki design week, this will only be happening in September... it was all about design. I learned so much about Finish design and architecture that I feel I could write a whole course just about that, but since this is not what I do, it will not be happening. But what will be happening is that you will see the impact of all that I saw and experienced on my designs.

Alvar Alto

Finland landscape YoolaDesign

Helsinki Design museum - YoolaDesign

Arabia ceramics Helsinki - YoolaDesign

Antti Niemelä - YoolaDesign

Turku  - YoolaDeisgn


The first is a quick and fun collection I call the CIRCLE, it's a journey into discovering geometric designs that incorporate wire crochet and thin metal rings.

My love for modern design is not new, not to me and not to you if you have been following my work and my trips around the world, the Bauhaus movement in particular has been escorting me along my journey since my design school days.

CIRCLE wire crochet rings - YoolaDesign

CIRCLE wire crochet pattern




The CIRCLE pattern is a beginners level class, it is easy to follow and easy to implement in many wire crochet designs. In the class I teach two different ways to integrate the metal rings and by that to create two different designs.

If you stick to 10 loops base it remains easy, if you are ok with working on thinner tubes as well, you can also work with a 6 loops base, the result is different, its more delicate, mainly because there is more space between the metal circle and the wire crochet.

The final projects in the CIRCLE pattern are rings, but you can easily implement the methods explained there into making earrings, bracelets and necklaces, I have already done quite a few designs and my sketchbook is filled with many more. I hope I will get to testing them before I move on to my next project, and there are quite a few progressing in parallel these days in case you were wondering...

wire crochet bracelet - YoolaDesign

wire crochet tassel earrings YoolaDesign

Wire crochet dangle circle earrings YoolaDesign

Ready to dive into the CIRCLE pattern?

CLICK to get directly there !


Landed here by chance and don't know where to get started ?

check the "where do I start" page in HERE.

have questions ? feel free to get in touch via the contact us page and I will gladly assist you.



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