The wire crochet patterns section has been rearranged ! 2021

July 18, 2021

the new wire crochet patterns section - Yooladesign

a couple of weeks ago I published a survey via the newsletter (not getting it ? subscribe here and make sure my emails are note going to your spam folder) !

in the survey I shared with you that I'm thinking of rearranging the patterns section in a different method than it used to be, changing it from by type of pattern ( PDF / Video / partial ) to type of product you want to make ( necklace / bracelet/ earrings /etc.) or maybe difficulty level ( beginner / intermediate / etc).
I've read each and every comment you sent me on the survey,
your inputs were priceless !
Then I invested endless hours in building the patterns section in a more clever way,  I hope ...
You are wellcome to take it for a test drive !

if you are curious to see the actual results to this question here it is:

wire crochet patterns survey results - Yooladesign

The main new features are :
1. all patterns first image has a level indication on the right bottom corner in green B for beginners / I  for intermediate / A for advanced.

wire crochet patterns difficulty level - Yooladesign
2. you can choose what type of instructions you would want per design : PDF/PDF+video etc...  according to what's available, including video upgrades ! many of you requested this option :) to be able to get just the video if you already have the PDF.

wire crochet pattern - shop by type

3. you can shop by difficulty level : B / I / A

wire crochet patterns - shop by level - Yooladesign
4. you can shop by topic : bracelet/ necklaces / rings etc...

wire crochet patterns by topic - Yooladesign
5. for part of the designs you can get the materials kit / full kit in the same listing !

wire crochet pattern plus materials - Yooladesign

It's still on beta, so feel free to update me with any glitches you may have or any other inputs!

since this is all brand new there is also a new reduction code:

"B2G3NEW" !
that is programmed to deduct the cost of 1 tutorial out of every 3 you put in the cart,
in other words buy 3 pay only for 2.
this does not apply on the "plus materials/ plus full kits / video upgrades" variations.
if by any chance it does not function as expected I will manually refund you later :)
just drop me a note...

I hope you will enjoy this new order ,

drop me a note if you need any assistance :)



 go directly to the wire crochet patterns section HERE!

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