Under the starry night or to be more precise afternoon ...

October 15, 2020

Under the starry night or to be more precise afternoon ...

This week is about stars for me, there is no actual reason and if I track back why I got invested so heavily with crocheting star shapes this week, I can say it's all the fault of the YoolaFlower pattern ... ha ha ... didn't you know that the origin of stars are flowers ? well, at least in my world.

Last week I put a lot of time and effort in updating the veteran YoolaFlower pattern, giving the video a whole new version and more importantly, added variations and demonstrated the undiscovered potential of using the YoolaKnitter when wire crocheting flowers.

I was really thrilled of the additional possibilities, until I went jogging with a friend that asked me "those flowers you published, what are they actually used for ? ..." then it hit me, I recently stopped showing you guys new designs and focused on the technique, opened up opportunities and new options but did not offer new finished pieces. Ho my, time to restart my internal compass. 

Be patient, it will soon all wrap up into an explanation about the whole stars mania I got infected with this week, so back to where we left off, after I published last week YoolaFlower pattern update, my head or to be more precise my fingers kept buzzing with forms that begin as flowers but then turn into something else. I began with a 6 points star polygon, continued with a 5 points star polygon, moved over to a greek cross, all single layered. Then I had to try see if this can get a heavier more sturdy look and feel, and yes it could ! :) 

At this point I opened a new file and started writing down the instructions, remember my friend from a few paragraphs back ? her question came back to me making me stop writing and go back to my hook and wires, it was time to design new finished piece made of stars. I took my supply kit outside, situated myself in the lovely afternoon breeze and the endless blue sky and got to work. 

crochet stars

Now in case you didn't see it coming, pentagon stars take their time to be created, about an hour each I would say ... so there was no way I could finish the new design AND write down the new pattern. 

By now I did complete a cuff and a statement necklace, but you will have to hold your curiosity till next week when its officially published.

Want to know when the pattern is available ? 

comment here below YES ! and I will make sure to let you know :)

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landed here by chance and dont have a clue what this is all about  ?

to get started with wire crochet in the ISK technique CLICK HERE !


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