Vital Tips on How to Crochet Necklaces

February 09, 2020

Vital Tips on How to Crochet Necklaces

Crochet is an art that has hooked up women who have a knack for creativity. Many have picked up how to crochet with the help of crochet jewelry books. Learning the different crochet techniques will open up a path that will continuously make you skilled, expose you to learning different styles, and help you create new shapes as you go along. Once you have picked up the simple steps, you can advance to the more complicated steps in crochet.

Wire Crochet Necklaces

Apart from an enormous engagement ring, many women can agree that the necklace is also one of the jewelry that can give you a new identity. A necklace is an excellent way to accent any outfit and define your style since it draws attention to the neckline and below. Wire crochet necklaces have an extra flair added to them. This is what makes them stand out more than regular necklaces.

For example, a wire crochet necklace can either be filled with wire gemstones, shell and glass beads, or even pearls. Others can opt for a black wire choker necklace with chevron amethyst for a punk look. Whatever style you fancy, you can have them crocheted and they will evoke a funkier, more modern sense of style.

How to Wear Crochet Beaded Necklaces

Jewelry is critical in any situation. If you're an elegant woman who wants to showcase her long neckline, you'll look stunning with a shorter crochet beaded necklace. You don't want to make your figure long, and that's why you must pay close attention to body proportion.

On the other hand, if you have a small neck and you're around 1.50m, then you'll need a lengthier crocheted beaded necklace. Opt for a type that reaches until your belt, and you'll seem taller. If you already have a glamorous dress, you might want to stay away from sparkly necklaces. Anyone can

wear crochet beaded necklaces and look stunning as long as they pay attention to basic jewelry rules.

Crochet Necklaces Patterns

You will be amazed at how many crochet necklaces patterns there are. From Bridal Choker, Lace Collar Necklace, Crochet Flower Necklace, Infinity Necklace Pattern, YoolaTubeNecklace, Potion pendant necklace, the list is long, and there is everything for everyone. The best part is that you can always come up with your own designs, make them unique and they will sell. It’s all about trying out new things.

Besides, crocheting necklaces is not complex to learn. With the simplest of steps that you will learn below and some practice, you will be good to go. Once you’ve learned crochet jewelry making, you can combine crochet with knitting, embroidery, and beads.

How to Crochet Necklaces

Now that you know how cool crochet necklaces really are, it’s time to master the skill of bringing them to reality.

With wire crochet, you can create some of the beautiful accessories from a necklace, bracelets to pendant.

Most fashion wires are made up of colored copper. They are soft and very easy to work on. For this task, you will learn using a size 8 crochet hook. First get the wire and twist to create a chain. Don't worry if your loops are not even. The fun part with wire crochet is you can pull and tag on your project at the end. 

*** note these are classic wire crochet instructions and not ISK technique, for with crochet technique pattern check our wire crochet patterns section! 

There are many patterns to choose from, you can use the slip stitch pattern, single crochet, half double, or double crochet on your project. With this project, you'll use the slip stitch pattern. Therefore, make the pattern by going back to your chain and slip stitching all across. Always flatten your work at the end. You will end up creating two rows of slip stitch. 

From here you can pull the chain in both directions or flatten it down or use the hook to straighten the rings. Proceed to work the chain stitches until the chain is long enough to wrap around your neck. Finish off by cutting the wire, place the stopper and trim it.

How to Crochet Necklaces with Beads

For a chunky look, you can go for beaded crochet necklaces. You will need to have:

  • Artistic wire in 28 gauge
  • Variety of beads - 47 for this project
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Nipper tool
  • Letter I crochet hook
  • Sterling silver stopper

First, take the wire, loosen it and string 15 beads randomly on the wire. Take your hook and lay the wire and twist it, then take the wire and pull it through the hook. Then start making a simple chain stitch. Make 14 blank stitches before picking up any beads. You can then start dropping the beads one by one while you pick up the wire as you proceed. Remember to put a blank stitch in between each bead until you get all the 15 beads on the wire.

After you have all your 15 beads on the wire, then make 14 blank stitches. Use a nipper tool to clip your wire at the end while leaving some room before cutting it. Then take the hook and pull it through. Try and straighten the strands to push the beads in to make it easier to work with. In total, you'll have three strands, each with 15 beads.

Next, take all the ends of the three strands and twist them together with your fingers. Then start braiding the three strands together while keeping them flat to avoid them from getting tangled. Once you've finished braiding, twist the wire together.

Trim the wires evenly, then take one bead and put them on end and take the round-nose pliers and make a loop, put the stopper, wrap it and trim it. Do it similarly to the other side. And there you have it. Your crochet necklace with beads.

Irish crochet jewelry design and celtic tradition 

Crocheting was introduced in Ireland in the mid-nineteenth century. Women and children were trained in the art. Within a few years, the Irish had become skillful enough to supply wire crochet jewelry in Dublin, London, Paris, Rome, and New York.

Owing to its long history of crochet jewelry, Ireland has an extensive list of crochet jewelry patterns. From simple Irish crochet, traditional Irish crochet, to the luxurious 3-dimensional lace- distinctive with its raised crocheted petals, flowers, and leaves stitched to a net of chain stitches with picots (called, the filling). They are all feminine, romantic and beautiful.

I’m not sure if celtic knots are traced back specifically to the Irish tradition but they are a great excuse to combine wire crochet into jewelry the result is the celtic heart knot necklace in its chunky bold version or the more delicate one. 


Whether you are attending a dinner, a party, or a wedding ceremony, wearing matching jewelry is something that every stylish woman loves to do to embellish her personality. Undoubtedly, a crochet necklace is truly glamorous! If you fancy beads and a big fan of crystal clearance and shine, then crochet wire necklaces will be sure to create an artistic look on your neck! And the best part, you can learn how to crochet yourself and even sell some of your wonderful pieces.

Well made wire crochet jewelry, especially the ones made in the ISK wire crochet technique are great showstoppers so get ready to get some attention …

to get started hop over the the “where do I start“ on the main menu.  

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