Website facelift - It's all about wire crochet ;)

July 05, 2018 1 Comment

Website facelift - It's all about wire crochet ;)

Hi everyone !

I'm happy to announce that I just finished giving my website a facelift, and what I would like most is to hear what you guys think of it :)

Other than giving it a fresh look, after all it's been 3 years since my last massive update, I really wanted to improve a few things.

one was navigation, since I keep adding new products, I felt its harder and harder to navigate through the website and find what you need, so now with the new design where you can navigate to all categories and subcategories in one click from the main menu, I hope it will be easier. for example you can go now in one click directly to the "PDF+VIdeo patterns category"

website navigation

or another example : the Combo kit section

site navigation 

Another frequent question I hear often is about shipping, how much it takes for items to ship to hear and there and how much it cost, so now there is a little button next to each listing called "free shipping" answering exactly this questions, and reminding you all that shipping is free worldwide for orders over 49 USD.

 free shipping


Another topic I wanted to address was to facilitate browsing through the blog posts.

so ta-dam ! you can now scroll through all of blog posts and pick the ones you may have missed and want to read :)

blog page

Speaking of "easier" , another great improvement is that you can now add to cart the items you want without having to actually open the listing, for example when you are shopping for patterns, you know from the gallery exactly which ones you would like, there is a "Quick Shop" button that will appear when you hover the image,  click it and it's in your cart, smoother shopping ...

quick shop

I hope it will work smoothly and you will enjoy it :)

would LOVE to hear what you think !


Yael aka Yoola

p.s. this is a great opportunity to remind you to leave feedbacks to the items you've purchased from me in the past, even if it was on other channels.

simply scroll down the product and click the button "write a review",

to block spam feedbacks are not immediately published.

how to leave a feedback


If you landed here by chance and want to start learning to wire crochet in the invisible spool knitting technique, I suggest to start here

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Méri Almeida
Méri Almeida

July 05, 2018

Congratulations! Love it and you are right it is mudh easier to find what we want! I’m giving a break to wire crochet. I missed the embrodery :) but son’t give up still have many of yourbeautiful wires and some patterns to try. Thanks for all your disponibility

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