Wire crochet Online classes, maybe its time to re initiate them

July 30, 2020

Wire crochet Online classes, maybe its time to re initiate them

I recived lately quite a few inquiries if and when I will be doing wire crochet online classes again, I think this is happening because so many of us stay home to stay safe, even if not in a complete quarantine than just to reduce in person social interactions to reduce the risk, this has led us all to increase the use of online interactions when possible. 

Until today I focused on teaching my wire crochet ISK technique via my DIY kits downloadable tutorials and our wonderful YoolaISK closed clients group on Facebook. As i see things an online class will not replace any of these, but will add another dimension and a more interactive communication. While I also don't see it replacing the live classes, I do see how this can enable those of you who cannot attend my classes because of geographic distance to enjoy them too.

But I need to worn you this is just me thinking out loud here...  in the coming days I will be doing a few experiments teaching online via zoom and will see how it works, I'm debating between one on one VS groups, if groups then how small / big they should be, I have time zone gaps issues to overcome, I also wonder if the group has to be all in the same level (difficult to organize...) , or should a lesson focus on a certain design/technique, a lot of topics to consider as you can see.

wire crochet online class

Some of these questions are similar to the ones I had and still have from time to time regarding the live classes that I run for years, but in this format I have a lot of experience so I'm more confident.

So dear community, feel free to add your 2 cents while I experiment and debate if and how to add wire crochet online classes.

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I gave yesterday my first online lesson to sweet Linda! it was SO great, but it deserves a blog post of its own, so I'm just putting it here that you know it's going in a positive direction ... ;)


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