Wire Crochet Polka dots pattern OR wire crochet mosaic technuiue

August 31, 2023

wire crochet polka dots pattern  - YoolaDesign

A few weeks back, an intriguing participant graced one of my workshops. What made her stand out was her expertise in crochet – she's not only a proficient crocheter but also a designer and instructor. Her presence left me both thrilled and anxious. I tend to experience a touch of apprehension when teaching individuals with extensive crochet experience. This unease arises from the challenge of instructing hands that already possess knowledge and minds that feel knowledgeable. It's not easy for any of us to revert to a beginner's mindset, especially when the subject matter bears some resemblance to our existing expertise yet remains distinct in various aspects. Throughout my tutorials, you'll find a recurring statement: "Set aside your preconceptions, let go of your familiarity with the crochet hook, and simply follow my lead. The results will come."

Now, turning to the individual named Inbal – Inbal Gross hails from Israel and is recognized as a designer and fiber connoisseur. Her design even earned a place in Shirley Paden's upcoming book, a significant accomplishment by any measure. Shirley discusses among other things also Inbal's work in an interview with Irina from Fiberchats, and if you're interested, you can watch it here: [YouTube Video Link](https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ri3mhUSE_M8?si=8FBy69DGMN8khqMc).

Here is her Instagram page where you can see more of her work !

If she or the sweater below strikes a chord of familiarity, it's likely because you've encountered her design in none other than Vogue. Quite impressive, wouldn't you agree?

Inbal gross Vogue - Yooladesign

Inbal gross designs - YoolaDesignInbal Gross designs - YoolaDesign

Before I continue Inbal is also an entrepreneur and is one of the organizers of the coming FiberFestivalIsrael ! if you happen to be in Tel Aviv on October 5th check it out, here is a link to the occasion. If you scroll throught the partiipants you will see a familiar face, I will be telling my wire crochet Journey , in free translation its called Yoola and the loop - A love affair.

Israel Fiber Art Festival

Inbal, a left-handed artisan, caught my attention. I often encourage left-handed individuals to begin their wire crochet journey with their dominant hand and progress from there. Occasionally, some of them explain that they're left-handed but have learned to crochet with their right hand due to early instruction or the abundance of right-handed tutorial videos. Some persist with their right hand until they gain confidence, only to later approach me with a quiet request: "Can you demonstrate how to do this with my left hand?" And the outcome is surprising! Crocheting with their left hand feels more natural and intuitive, as it's their dominant hand. Personally, I'm right-handed and seldom use my left hand for tasks requiring precision. However, in order to adeptly teach both handedness, I dedicated time to practicing with my non-dominant hand. I can now proficiently demonstrate with either hand, though admittedly, my left-handed work isn't as fluid as my right-handed crochet. What's truly fascinating about engaging your non-dominant hand is the sensation of your brain diligently dispatching instructions to your hands. I often jest that I'm giving my brain a workout when I switch hands.

Inbal quickly grasped the concepts and began probing about color patterns. I introduced her to the Zebra and checkered patterns, which triggered a memory of an experiment I conducted during my time in Sri Lanka a few years ago – a post that might ring a bell for those who have followed me closely. Inbal embarked on her own experimentation journey, and once the workshop concluded and I returned home, a persistent thought nudged me: it was time to delve into more color pattern experiments. Hence, the genesis of the recent weeks' exploration into polka dots. While I haven't reached a definitive conclusion, I compelled myself to finalize a few pieces – a bangle, a bracelet, and two necklaces.

wire crochet color patterns - YoolaDesign
wire crochet braided Bracelet - YoolaDesign
wire crocher decorated bracelet - YoolaDesign
small polke dots necklace - YoolaDesign
polka dots tube necklace - YoolaDesign

Turquoise bangle - YoolaDesign
If you're intrigued by the technique – which some liken to mosaic crochet, not so much in the process but certainly in the outcome – here's a link to a partial pattern. Please note that it doesn't encompass the entire ISK technique; rather, it unveils the secrets, tips, and charts for crafting color patterns like polka dots, triangles, and even designing your unique color patterns within the ISK technique.

 polka dots wire crochet pattern - YoolaDesign

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Got here by chance and want to get started on the ISK technique?

check the where do I start page that I set up especially for that :)

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