Wire Crochet Statement LINKS !

January 18, 2021

Wire Crochet Statement LINKS !

Those of you following my work over the years know how fond I am of modularity and repetitive elements , I love the patterns created by assembling similar elements together, I love the rhythm they create, and I also love making them ... when you are making the same element again and again, it give you an opportunity to know it more deeply than if you just meet and say goodbye.

I can't recall what was the target that sent me exploring the links I can make using wire knitted tubes, maybe it was the scrap drawer that I have that has quite a few crocheted tubes in it.

crochet tubes

The first design I tried was a rather complex one (the green one), made of 4 pieces combined together into an organic looking rather large element.

Wire crochet LINKS

wire crochet chains

From there I moved into making a second link that was supposed to look the same, ha ha ! I changed my mind while in the making and made it a tiny bit simpler (the ochre one).

Coming next was a simpler version of just one piece of tube closed into a fish eye looking link, this one started to make sense to me , it was simple enough to get going and soon a marvelous statement necklace came out of it ! 

yeyy !

 Wire crochet links chain

Think I stopped there ? .... think again ! 

there is always more where this is coming from ,

one link followed the next and when I reached the number 8 , I decided it's time to stop.

LINKS tutorial 

but many more variations are hiding there for you to discover.

In order to create these links you should first be able to make YoolaTubes with 12 stitches.

In the pattern I explain in detail how to make 8 different LINKS. 

The digital download video pattern is available for purchase HERE, don't forget there is currently  a 2+1 coupon code : "B2G3". to be eligible all 3 patterns must be of the same type.

LINKS DIYcraft wire - yooladesign


Landed here by chance and want to start learning how to wire crochet in the ISK technique  ?

hop over to this page where everything is explained 





size chart

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