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February 10, 2021

knitted tube chains - Yooladesign

It's fun and addicting to wire crochet Yoolatube chains in the invisible spool knitting technique,  some would say it's the part they love best, but sometimes it's fun to have a stock of knitted tubes ready to be used as raw material.

Yoolatube- knitted tubes Yooladesign

If this sounds attractive you better sit down because I'm going to fulfil your dream.

Thanks to my sweet hubby I have a device that helps me knit 12 stitches base tubes quicker than when I crochet them, it still requires labor, it is still made by hand, the device doesn't always do what I want ti to do, but I'm happy to start offering you ready tube chains.

The results are quite similar to the ones I crochet by hand, which means you can use these tubes to create many of my wire crochet tutorials.

The tubes come in 2 lengths 31"(80cm) & 15.5" (40cm), I narrow them down to 8 mm , for shipping reasons , but you can expand them back up to 15mm by inserting a knitting needle.

You can flatten them, narrow them down, cut them short and reconnect, make a bubbles necklace ;) 

Q & A

Q: are they available only on the 12 stitches base ?

A: Yes

Q : are they only available in one color per tube?

A : yes, only one color per tube.

Q: are they availbel from gold filled or silver

A : I'm afraid not

Q : where can i get them?

A: Here

have more question ? comment here below and I will happy to assist... 

I hope you're as excited as I am  :) 




Landed it here by chance and want to begin wire crochet in the ISK technique  ?

Click here !

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